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    Help with a project

    Hi, Would any body be interested in helping me with a project that I am planning? It involves making kits (logos are desirable too) for a retro database that I am looking to create. Please PM me if you are interested Thanks
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    Setting points deductions - advanced editor

    Hi, I've restructured the English leagues in advanced editor but whenever a team goes into administration, no points are deducted unlike what happens in normal games. How do you add or set points deductions for when a club enters administration or breaks a different rule? Thank you
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    2001/02 Season Data

    Note: for those who were excited about a potential 2003/04 season data, I apologize but I'm hoping this will make up for it :) Stay tuned guys, I've already started work on this data and I aim for a version one release before the end of this month which may sound ambitious but at the moment, I...
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    2003/04 Season Data

    2003/04 FM14 Database made by Danarouso England After successfully winning their 8th premiership title, Manchester United suffered a high profile departure of David Beckham to Real Madrid in the summer which rocked the football world however the Red Devils still look like a formidable...
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    The 2000-01 season

    THE 2000-01 SEASON Leagues currently done England (Carling Premiership to nationwide division three) Germany (Bayern Munich) Italy (AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Lazio, Parma, Roma) Scotland (Celtic and Rangers) Spain (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia)...
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    John Gregory's return - Aston Villa F.C

    ASTON VILLA F.C JOHN GREGORY RETURNS TO ASTON VILLA Shock and disbelief engulfed a Villa Park press conference today when under-fire Aston Villa owner Randy Lerner announced that John Gregory would be returning to the club for a 2nd spell as manager following resigning in 2002. Back then...
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    Portsmouth F.C - a vivid pipe dream

    UNKNOWN CROWTHER TAKES OVER AT FRATTON PARK ​It was announced today that unknown manager Dan Crowther was to take over the vacant managerial position at Portsmouth following Guy Whittingham's brief caretaker after Michael Appleton's departure in the summer. Dan Crowther is unknown to most...
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    'Up the mariners!' A Grimsby Town story

    Hi everyone and welcome to my first story. I am new to this kind of forum stuff for making stories so please bear with me, I may make some mistakes. GRIMSBY TOWN APPOINT CROWTHER It has been an eventful few weeks for Grimsby Town Football Club following Rob Scott's departure for the club for...
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    FMC tactics question

    Does anyone know how to store shouts instead of different scenarios/strategy for the shouts? (e.g if we are losing by 3 goals the shouts will be deployed only then), please.. somebody answer this
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    Tycoon take-over games?

    Does anyone have any interesting tycoon takeover games on FM12? please share them in this thread if so