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    Mid Season Tactic change

    I follow the belief that you shouldnt drastically change your tactic mid season. Im Tottenham in the 3rd season, Second season I won the league a tough struggle, won it with 2 games to spare. This season I've used the same tactic, only signed 1 player to replace a long term injury and the...
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    Tottenham Season 3

    Hi all, My first team team is as follows, GK - Gomes RB - Kyle Naughton CB - Otamendi CB - Sakho LB - Bale CM (def) Huddlestone (and Sandro - Rotation) CM (Support) Modric (VDV) AMR - Lennon AML - Douglas Costa (or Neymar) ST - Hulk ST - Defoe ----- My Subs that come to mind are...
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    Defend against the corner Glitch

    Im currently playing a 4 way multiplayer FM game with some friends. However everytime we play each other you can guarrentee that a goal will come from a corner. It gets really annoying when you out play a team and they score from a corner every other time! Is there a better way of defending...
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    Liverpool or Villa

    Halfway through my second season with Shef Wednesday and jobs have become available in Aston Villa and Liverpool. Both still have pritty much the same teams as standard. Looking for both the short and Long term points. Who should I join? Who is more financially stable? etc etc? cheers
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    Stand Closed

    Half way through the season, skipping through the usual news messages Scouting reports, player offers etc etc. I saw an un usual news message. It simple read - Subject - Stand Closed. Health and safety have closed a stand reducing the capacity by 1780 - (guessing the nunbers because Im at...