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    Jérôme Onguéné

    Anyone signed Onguéné or know how well he develops. My scouts gave my 5 star potential so i've taken the gamble.
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    AC Milan

    HI guys, just finished a newcastle save which lasted 3 season. Looking for a new challenge and was thinking AC Milan. Every knows the club is sadly on a big decline. Anyone got any advise?
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    Newcastle advise

    Hello everyone, I've played 2015 since it was released, mainly with Sheffield Wednesday, Celtic and Man City. Looking for something new so i was thinking Newcastle. Read for the forums looking for advise on how to start and identified some new players. Players I've identified are: Balanta...
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    Why is it so hard to find a team

    So after reading tread after tread it seems that everyone has same problem in picking a team. My opinion for this is Southampton. They are the perfect team for football manager they have money to spend, you can use your own footballing philosophy and they have an amazing track record of finding...
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    Ball-Playing Defenders

    Hi guys, I'm Real Sociedad and I'm looking for a ball playing defender. Don't have much money but working on that.
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    Who to manage

    Hi everyone, So I'm looking for a new team to manage for a long term save. I normal pick Roma or Sheffield Wednesday. But i feel like a new challenge. I'm stuck between West Brom and Southampton, but I'm open to offers.