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Recent content by feyri

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    Mac Users/ Sorting out graphic issues.

    After downloading the megafacepack and mega metalic logo pack i extracted everything to applications/Sports interactive/fm11/data/graphics now this worked almost perfectly, but has also been rather irritating because i lost the player kits on the tactics window and after getting logos i had...
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    match prep issue

    does anyone else have this problem where everytime i go onto match preperation its always on attacking mentality? (i doubt it would have to be that one) but i think that was the first one i chose and now if i change it move screens and go back it reverts back to att ment. anyone else had this?
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    losing player icons in tactics.

    i havnt got a special skin but im not sure where else to put this. when i use facepacks and logos etc i lose the t-shirts on the tactics screen. i was wondering if this was solved by downloading a new skin or if their is a way i can get it back.