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    Is team good enough? Everton 3rd Season

    In my first season I finished 5th, just missing out on Champions league but managed Europa which I eventually won 2nd season and finishing 3rd, behind both Manchester teams:S...Anyway, I'm ooking for a team to possibly win the league and compete for Champions League knockouts (I also got...
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    PSG- RW

    Hi, I'm currently in July entering 4th season and need a RW to replace Arjen Robben!!! Specifically left footed to cut in and score as Arjen Robben got 15 goals a season!!! Money not a problem!!! THANKS FOR HELP!!!
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    PSG- ST

    Hi I'm in August and have decided to sell Luyindula!!! I need backup to Erdinc and Hoarau, money doesn't matter and any style of forward just under 23!!! My other backup is Lukaku Thanks for suggestions
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    Original Editor!!!

    Once I have made a club in FM11 Tools/Editor. I try to save but it says could not save file!!! Also once saved how do I upload the things I've edited!!! Any suggestions welcome:S
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    Luton Prem

    I've gotten Luton in the Prem and in January 5th season. Need a decent CB to partner Shawcross as Rio is too old to compete for a first team place. I have Jordan Spence and Kevin Long, but have been playing poor. Thanks for any suggestions. :)
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    Luton Championship

    I've gotten Luton into the Championship which was easy but I've heard promotion or even surviving relegation is nearly impossible does anyone think this teams good enough for the championship. --------------------Mucha --Eckersley--Kevin Long--Duffy--Regen (PREM CLASS) --Albrighton-------Howson...
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    TNS Improvements

    I've started a game as TNS on FM11 and I'm wondering if this team is good enough -------ST.Louis Hamilton-------- Gavin Hoyte---Evans---Kudiersky---Ben Mee Partridge---Wildig(loan)---Milsom---McDermott -----------Agard---Will Keane or Trundle
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    Supat Rungatsamee

    He was an amzing prospect on FM08 and I want to see if he improves in the future as he's not a good on this one.
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    Birmingham RB

    I've recently started a game with Birmingham and I sold 7 players which means I've got a budget of 15M for a RB as Stephen Carr is unhappy I've stripped him of the captaincy. Ive tried Rafael he wouldn't come. Is Vrsajlko (Spelling:S) good enough for Prem standard or Top Half Finish I need...
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    Roma CB

    I'm still in the same save as all my other Roma threads and I need a CB to replace Juan. I'm currently looking at Howedes but anyone better will do. No more than 20M or older than 27. He needs to start right away so he will be partnering Mexes.
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    Striker for Roma!!!

    I need a striker at the end of first season and I feel budget will be pretty high as i'm selling half the team. Borriello is leaving so that leaves me with Cardozo adriano and lukaku but lukaku I have in my u20s and I need a striker I can rotate with Cardozo I've tried suarez. They want 19M for...
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    Leicester Help!!!

    By the way this is in the same save as my Roma one. I'm Leicester 2nd season just joined as they got relegated. I've bought Julian Kelly and Romero. But also need a striker to partner Matty Fryatt and a good winger. There reputation is good after they won league cup but I got knocked out of...
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    RB Roma

    I've currently created a new roma save am in January an I need a RB as Marco Cassetti is too old and not as good as he first was. I've 14M in money an I was thinking Rafinha but his report card says he is not as good as Cassetti I need help quick. ---------- Post added 13/04/2011 at 05:27 PM...
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    Roma Replacement

    I need a replacement for Simpilico, Perrotta and also Totti. Altogether i have around 20M 2nd Season.
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    RB Roma

    RB for Roma under 7.5M 2nd Season.