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Recent content by Footballismylife

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    I need a challenge!!!

    i need a challenge bad either a team who are favourites for relegation in the prem or a championship team who are predicted to finish in the middle of the championship
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    whats the best role to play tomas necid?

    i,am man utd and have just signed necid i,am wondering what role best suits him up forward first season
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    A good winger for aston villa

    I need a winger for aston villa first season i have 6.5 million and it can be a right or left winger
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    A winger for liverpool

    I need a speedy winger for liverpool in my first season and have about 20 million
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    Tutoring younger players

    How can i make one of my older players tutor my younger player help please
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    A striker who will score 30 plus

    I need a striker who will score 30 plus and for 20 million 1st season
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    A good central defender for spurs

    I need a good and young central defender for my spurs team i,am in my second season and have 11.2 million to spend
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    good players for fc united

    i need a player who is going score some goals because my team make chances but just cant put them away
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    A good goalkeeper for man united

    I,am looking for a good goalkeeper for man utd second season and he will be a replacement for van der sar
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    What role to play berbatov in

    He just wont score is it the role or is it him
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    A good winger for man utd

    i need a winger who can score goals but can also set up players
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    newcastle united good forwards/strikers

    Is there any good forwards for newcastle united under 6 million