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    Charlton Athletic - Sorting out the mess, part 1

    Hi guys, Read my story here: Let me know any feedback, its my first one so be nice!
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    4231 Gegenpress struggles

    Hi folks, Im using this tactic (screenshot) and won the A-League pretty easily with Brisbane Roar, but i'm having trouble using it with VVV Venlo in the Eredivisie. We always concede from wide counters where their wingers get behind my FBs and crosses to their striker who has a tap in. I've...
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    Setting u23s and u18s to use saved tactic

    Afternoon all, I have a tactic I'd like my u23s and u18s to use for all their matches, and I've saved it. When i go to staff responsibilities -> u23s/u18s i'm only allowed to set it so they use 'first team tactics.' When it says select a tactic for them to use there is no option to load a saved...
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    Ruben Neves

    Signed him in my third season. Use him as a DLP or AP in a 4231 DM, sometime normal MC. How do you get the best out of him? He's averaging 7 with me but only 1 assist in 20 games. Newly promoted Charlton side so quite weak, understand he won't be assisting a whole load first season. Sent...
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    Paying off Debt

    Is there any way you can ask the board to pay off the club's debt?
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    4231 full back issues

    Having some issues with my full backs in this tactic. Always go way up despite me not telling them to get further forward. Leads to there being acres of space where they should be. Any solutions? Also struggling for possession against weaker sides. Currently 2nd with AC Milan but could be way...
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    FM Magazine

    Hi guys, I thought that if there was an FM magazine available for download or in WH Smiths for example, I would read it/buy it, so I thought why not give it a go. Just wondering if the same applies to any of you, would you download/buy it? Also, would any of you be interested in contributing...
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    Dissertation ideas

    Hi guys, I'm a uni student thinking about my dissertation and was hoping to somehow incorporate FM into it. Was wondering if any of you had any ideas, I was thinking how such a massive cult following has resulted from a computer game that has changed lives etc.