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    The Premier League Thread 2010/11

    Hi everyone, this Is A thread, Where you can put your predictions for upcoming Premier league Games, and team news (Please State Which team IN Bold Before Posting) and discussions on the best teams , the biggestest upsets, and the star players throughout the season We Are Going To Start This...
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    G-bentley1595 and Man v.1's Kit requests

    hey people , I Am starting A Kit Request Thread, because i think i am getting good at this kit making malarky... but heres the thign Due To me Diong S**t Loads Of Coursework, I Am Limiting The Number Of request To 3-4 a day, maybe 5 . i feel that is reasonable for the start . it will eventually...
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    Logo !!! Help!!

    Could anyone with good logo maing skill create a logo for me pleasee the team is Macclesfield I Want the Old Fasionned Lion Still, But Maybe A Different Styled crest, ( Not the cirlcle like they have now ) i would like the same colours, blue white, maybe a hint of black Please help out...
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    The Quater Finals The never was

    This is for the 3 contestants that didnt get to show off thier skilled kits in the aurter finals, Contestants in this poll: Bradyo G-Bentley1595 J0k3r here are the kits, remember , this does not affect my kit competition that is ongoin atm , but to give the kit makers a chance to show what...
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    Kit Making Cup Quarter Final 1 - Leeds United v Manchester United

    This is The First Quarter Final Of My kit Making Competition I Asked The competitors to create a kit from a FA Cup match that was memorable to the fans in any way This Quarter Final is Leeds United vs manchester United Players In This Round: pistolped7 Eds-99 These are pistolped7's leeds Kits...
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    Chelsea/Newcastle Kits

    Hi people, in the New SS'09/10/11 V& Pack, is There The Chelsea Home Kit 2010/11 template in there And Is The Newcastle Home Kit 2010/11 In there aswell, because i cant seem to find them Any Help pleaseee :S:S
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    Kit Making Cup

    EVERYONE, JUST SEND AN ATTACHMENT, FORGET ABOUT POSTING IT ON PHOTOBUCKET, I KNOW THEY WILL BE SMALL KITS, BUT I FEEL ITS A WHOLE LOT EASIER OK Right Fellas, This is My first Ever Kit making Cup, Because It is, Please be very patient with kit uploading etc. For My first Time I Will only be...