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    Non League Day 2013

    Non League Day 2013 - Supporting grass roots football - With Premier League and Championship clubs having the week off due to the international break, why not take part in non league day? Plenty of matches out there across the country, at reasonable prices. "Non-League Day isn't about supporting...
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    What was the first football match you went to see?

    Bit bored, so thought I'd put this thread up, hopefully it get a few replies.. :P As the title says, what was the first football match you went to see? I remember mine, back when I was 4 in 2002. We [Argyle] beat Hull City 1-0, to go eleven points clear at the top. Ian Stonebridge scored and we...
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    360- Fifa 12 Draft League.

    Seeing as Dunc's Draft League has failed, I thought I would try and get one running! What is a draft league? Basically, everybody who joins will pick a squad of players- Any players. But they will take in turns. So you could get end up with a decent set of players, pick a team on FIFA to move...
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    Promotions & Relegations.

    Forgive me if there is already a similar thread to this, but with the 'business end' of the season coming, I thought a thread like this would be good for some debate. Basically, I just want to see who you think will be promoted & relegated [From the PL down to L2] and why. Hopefully this will...
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    Chapter 1. 30th April 2011. St James Park- Exeter City v Plymouth Argyle. "What a load of flipping cack" "Patterson at right wing? Terrible." "Another ***** referee" It wasn't just an average match for anybody concerned. The Devon Derby was always something special to the Green Army. From...
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    Stoke City- Pottering Up The League.

    Team Name: Stoke City Football Club Nickname: The Potters Year Founded: 1863. Ground: Britannia Stadium. Capacity: 27,598. Chairman: Peter Coates Director of Football: Peter Reid Manager: Connor Clarke... "After a successful spell in charge of the football club, its with regret today we...
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    Connor's Fifa '8' League for Mugberts.

    Hi Guys, Girls & Ronan. btw, just to make it clear this is for cool xbox 360 players only. I'm interested in setting up a League of 8 players [maybe more, depending on interest] which will probably be won by CtJewGoals or Ronan if he learns to master tactical defending. We'll play each other 4...
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    Plymouth Argyle FINALLY exit Administration.

    Its finally over. After 7 month long months of twists, turns, near death, false promises, broken deadlines, protests and without doubt the toughest and darkest time in the clubs 125 year history, James Brent and the Akkeron group have agreed deals with the P and A partnership over deals to buy...
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    Plymouth Sack Manager Peter Reid.

    Article from BBC Sport- BBC Sport - Peter Reid leaves post as manager of Plymouth Argyle Peter Reid has left his post as manager of Plymouth Argyle after 15 months in charge. The financially-stricken club are bottom of League Two with one point from nine games and lost 2-0 at Southend on...
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    Plymouth Argyle On Verge Of Liquidation.

    Hi Guys; Some of you may be aware of the severe financial troubles Plymouth Argyle are in. The club have had 5 winding up orders petitioned against them in the past 18 months, and have been in Administration since the start of March, after being deducted 10 points in League One which caused the...
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    The Non-League Football Thread.

    This thread is similar too Jonesy's Football League Thread- Except, of course it is for the Lower-Leagues. All levels from the Blue Square Premier too your 17th Tier, Sunday-League. I'll try and keep the place updated, with tables, results and key news. I know there's not many Non League Fans...
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    Roxio Capture Card

    Hi guys. I recently purchased a Roxio Capture Card off Play.com, and after setting it all up and downloading it onto my Laptop etc, I've come across a few problems- On the Computer Software, my little 'display' is showing the TV Twice. I've tried changing my Xbox 360 settings to see if it...
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    Connor's "Get Them Back In The Football League" Challenge.

    Connor's "Get Them Back In The Football League" Challenge. The Brief- You have a choice of 3 clubs- Darlington, Grimsby or Rushen. You must pick one of these clubs who have formerly been in the Football League, and take them back too the nPower League 2 and beyond. You must use your...
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    Rushden Expelled From The Conference.

    From BBC Sport- Rushden & Diamonds have been expelled from the Football Conference for financial reasons. Relegated Southport will now stay up, while Thurrock will remain in the Blue Square Bet South and Bishop's Stortford will move to Blue Square Bet North. BBC Sport - Rushden expelled from...
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    [360] May/June Half-Term Fifa Tournament

    So, with alot of members on the site having a week off because of Half-Term, I've decided to make a Fifa Tournament. And I've decided to use some of the worst teams in the game for this Fifa Tournament. So, we'll start on Monday and try to finish by Sunday. Though, that seems abit impossible...