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    Owls (4-4-2 Narrow)

    Owls_4F9042CF-4F7C-40F5-B238-F7FABB635742 This one has proved pretty unstoppable so far with Sheffield Wednesday, Liverpool, and Barca, just for fun. Starts slow but becomes a rock when the team learns it. 442 Narrow. No OIs. Will finish these 3 seasons and try the first team...
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    ARSNL (4-3-2-1 in progress)

    ARSNL_9EF1B269-C96A-41A8-AF3B-130BD868F3C3 Halfway through the season, but it's working a treat, so wanted to share in case anyone wants to try it out with a different team and let me know how it goes. Lots and lots of goals and tight defense in this first test (60 goals for, only 16 conceded...
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    3 at the Back

    Tactic: 3 at the Back_CC389654-4849-4991-A20E-8210AC775DCA Created this almost by accident, but it's become my new favorite. Won the Eredivisie with 105 goals and only allowing 15. Lots of goals from the F9, lots from corners, from crosses, from free kicks - just offense everywhere. Still...
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    Bizarro 5-2-3 (won Serie A, Eredivisie, League 1, League 2)

    Tactic: FiveTwoThree_30155698-1B38-48BC-B8D9-99A9291E56BC This isn't your normal, everyday, 4 at the back tactic. I don't even know if any teams use a 5-2-3 in real life. But it sure works in FM16! Break out of the mold and try something different. Won 4 different leagues with teams ranging...
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    4-2-2-2 Tweak

    Tactic: Tweak 4222_916DB901-F00F-48E0-8EA5-C7B8F228A4B5 Possession heavy. Corners and Crosses. Team game all around.
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    Tactic: FourThreeThree_5AE340C4-BAB0-4479-84B7-1459D530185D Finally figured out how to make a 4-3-3 work. Lots of goals, solid defense still, works with big teams (of course), but worked in the Championship and with underdogs too. OIs are important: Training: BRIGHTON & HOVE (media...
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    Bluth's 16.3 Tweak

    16.3: 16.3 patch tweak_FEAB5BA0-48F5-4686-9201-63D50BAC015C Tested with Arsenal, Southampton, QPR, Sheffield Wednesday. All great results. This tactic is all about crossing. And set pieces. But whatever it does, it works. First test was Arsenal. Media prediction was 3rd but we're 1st by 16...
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    GoalsGoals (4231 Attack)

    Tactic: You want to win? You want to score a lot of goals? Well, here you go. Premier League, Champions League, and Capital One Cup wins the first year. 119 goals scored. +78 goal difference...
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    Classic Gold (Plug and Play 16.3)

    Tactic: Classic_30C9A485-AECE-44F4-815D-32592762C286 This is a true Plug and Play that overachieves and wins. Corners are already set up. No OIs. Training whatever you want. I've taken parts from all my favorite 16.3 tactics and merged them into an unstoppable one. Strong in offense and strong...
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    DF Overload (16.3 Win, Win, Win)

    [Note: Start with the Control Tweak, unless you're a top team!] Get ready to win. This tactic overachieves, big time. Haven't tried it with a big team yet, but that'll be a fun test next. So far we're winning in La Liga, League One, Bundesliga, and the Prem, with teams predicted to finish 9th...
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    The Great Wall (16.3)

    Why the Great Wall? Because 27 shut outs and only 16 conceded in one season for David De Gea. And only one loss. No OIs, training whatever you want. Can probably score more with some striker tweaks, but I was having too much fun with shut outs that I didn't even try. The two WTM...
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    Villa 4141

    Version 1: Villa 4141_E42D4A60-D011-491D-8CDE-B1E7096EE54F Version 2: For my money, Villa is the best way to test a tactic this year. They are just so terrible, all around. If you can...
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    Original: Traditional Tweak: Here's a fun one I've been messing with. A 2-2-2-2-2. Running away with the Bundesliga with Leverkusen and drifting between 3rd and 4th with Udinese (media prediction 10th). And here's...
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    Bizarro (41212 Asymetric)

    Tactic: Test_97C1E0BD-29A0-47F7-AC25-8A61E6AA185D Testers Needed. Have tried with Wycombe and Arsenal so far and I don't know why, but it works. Flowing passing, beauty off-ball movement, lots of goals and gives up few chances. No OIs. Training however you like. Corners could be...
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    Droid (2-4-2-2)

    This is a weird formation I was experimenting with that ended up working really well. Standard Tactic: Droid 2.0_92DD4FDD-FC36-4EBD-80D6-7865ABBB166C It's a 2-4-2-2. Have tried it in the Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two, and it's working in all of them. Arsenal...