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    Got error after installing new Patch 12.0.3? anyone who ....?

    can help me with this. With 12.0.0 my FM works well. Then after installing new Patch i got error: Football manager 2012 12.0.3f231651! I got Vista and maybe did i sumthing wrong with the installing or whut? Anyone who can help me with this? :'( ---------- Post added at 01:26 AM ----------...
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    Why my skins doenst show up at .....

    Why my skins doenst show up at settings, only the default one. I placed them right. document-fm11-skins! Why is that? is there something wrong, whut can i do to let them show up and use them.?
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    Whut happens if i delete de crash dumps folder? ....

    I have a folder crash dumps, with one file in it. Whut can i do, is it possible to delete the folder? The file named: FM 2011 v11.1.0.157094 (2011.01.19 02.13.52).dmp ! Anyone can help me with this?
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    Need some help, with my Kits problem!

    I have the new kits now, the most all are good, but some are not. Like the english national team kits, are default and the french home kit also and i think more, so whut to do to fix it and get the good kits shown? Can anyone help me? ---------- Post added at 12:22 PM ---------- Previous post...
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    Need help please.

    I put logos of fm 09 i think lol, and it works well. But the PL logos dont show up? I see the real names, Barclays Premier League, but the logo next to it is default. And im 100% sure i put the logos of it, at the right place. Anyonw who can help me! This is my last problem, i fixed the fake...