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    Not fitting everything onto page..?

    Not sure if this is a technical thing or not but here goes. (Mods feel free to move this to the correct sub forum) Is anyone else having this problem? The bonuses part has the tiniest amount of room to scroll through. My PC is connected to a 32" Samsung TV, my resolution looks to be spot on...
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    Ivan Saponjic - Partizan - Incredible 15 yr old

    Just started a Partizan save and I came across this young fella in their U19s For 15 this guy is ******* incredible - imo at least. I plan on making this Partizan save a long term one so I might keep track of his development in here (if I remember to do so). I'll be leaving him on complete...
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    Guido Vadala - Boca Juniors

    You can approach to sign him at the start of the game, looks like he could be a real gem! Club: Boca Juniors Position: Centre attacking midfield Best roles: Advanced playmaker, enganche, trequartista Key attributes: First touch, finishing, dribbling, passing, technique, creativity, off the...