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    Henrik Larsson

    I just wanted to know what you guys think of Larsson. do you think he could play at the same level as some of the worlds best strikers if he was in his prime
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    how long did it take your football manager 2011 to install

    Says it all really in the title
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    Cliftonville lets break the big 2

    Updates of pre season friendleys soon
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    Clawing back the league

    So here's the deal I've loaded four Country's.Scotland,Northern Ireland;Ireland and finally England. The month i started my season with was January 2010 as that is when the Irish league starts and decided to take control of Celtic as they are 8 points of the top of the table. Scottish cup: 4th...
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    The boys from stirlingshire

    breaking news DAILY RECORD Falkirk have appointed Conor Hayes as there new manager after former manager Eddie May was rushed to hospital after he was walking up the stairs and spilt his tea all over himself and fell down the stairs. It is believed that he broke his neck and his collarbone.
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    leading villareal to europe

    as no one followed my Bolton season i decided to start one abroad.so here it goes. VILLAREAL have announced there new manager former ireland international conor hayes. hayes said he hopes to break up the top 2 of barca and madrid
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    push for the top four

    today david moyes has left everton. he departed due to a lack of funds. chairman bill kenwright acted quickly and appointed former ireland star conor hayes. hayes won 50 caps for ireland scoring 11 goals. hayes said during his first press conference that he wont be making any signings...
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    my bolton story

    BREAKING NEWS! today owen coyle has left bolton. coyle said the reason he left bolton was due to family matters. bolton have acted immediaetly by appointing ex ireland international conor hayes. hayes won 72 caps for ireland scoring just the one goal.hayes said in a press conferience that he...