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    Romario in FM13?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if Romario (that RB from Vitoria) turns out just as good as in FM 2012. So if anyone has experience or maybe even a SS i'd be great!
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    Worst English club?

    Hey guys, I'm planning a new save, and I want a kind of challenge. I want to lead the 'worst' (playable) English club to the highest division (maybe further, don't know if it's fun by that time :)). So I have a very easy question: What's the worst English club (bad players, bad training...
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    New Ronaldo?

    I´m looking for the new Ronaldo (so I'm looking for a good AML or AMR) in my ManUtd save. Can you recommend a player? I'd prefer a player younger than 19.
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    Request future screenshot

    There wasn't a thread where you could ask/post a future screenshot right? So...
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    Tom Cleverley?

    I don't know what SI is doing, but when I saw a screen of Cleverley it made me cry! He is so underrated imo. Even Jordy Clasie is better! He's not the only player of Utd who's really underrated! Are the SI-scouts Liverpool fan?
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    Idea for FM 2013?

    Hey guys, I thought it'd be great if a new attribute would be placed into FM 2013: Involvement. I was just watching a game (Man Utd-Newcastle) and I find Welbeck a great footballer, but he's isn't on the ball very often in contrast to, for example, Scholes, Xave and Pirlo. I don't believe there...
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    FC Twente team help!

    Hi I'm playing FC Twente (Dutch competition) and I want to make the team able to win the EL. I'm going to buy Vrsjaljko, Kara, Jenssen and Felipe Gutierrez. Together they should cost around 5 million dollars. My first XI should look like this: Michailov Vrsjaljko-Kara-Douglas-Rosales (or...
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    Neymar/Hazard AML/AMR

    I've bought Neymar and Hazard in my ManU save, I'm playing 4-2-3-1 at the moment with two inside FW. So far I'm doing pretty well, but every time I play Neymar or Hazard AMR, they're doing awful! And as AML great! I need to put one of them AMR cause otherwise it would be a waste of their talent...
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    Individual training

    Hi guys, Easy question: Do you use individual training schedules for players? If so, is it useful or are the general schedules good as well?
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    ST needed for my 4-1-2-1-2 formation!

    I'm playing ManU and I'm usually playing 4-2-3-1. But I have a good expierence with 4-1-2-1-2 tactic. I've Chicharito usually as poacher and I'm rotating him with Niang (Who is still not good enough for my first team). But I need a ST to play next to Chicharito (or Niang) when I'm playing...
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    Best Future Striker?

    Easy question, who's the best future striker? Just posting a few ST I know but if you know good a ST too, just post them!
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    Need your tactical help!

    Hi! I'm playing ManU and I'm looking for a good winning tactic, I think I have found two, but I don't know wich one to choose. If you have another tactic, please add them! 1: A 4-2-3-1 formation with Fullbacks and one defensive CB and a more attacking CB. I have Sandro and Ganso on the CM, Ganso...
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    Who is mentally the best?

    I was wondering, a good player needs good technical attributes, but he also needs good mental attributes? Does anyone have suggestions who has the best mental attributes? I think Xavi is the best but has anyone seen someone with better mental attributes than him?
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    Best future AMC!

    I think I might have found the best future AMC in the game! His name is Trindade de Vilhena, from Feyenoord under 19! Look at this future screen!! Just found it on a dutch site. Hoekschoppen = Corners Afstandsschoten = Long Shots Afwerken = Finishing Balanname = First Touch Koppen = Heading...
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    Best Defender?

    Who's the best defender in FM 2012? Vidic or Chiellini or Puyol or Pique? Or maybe someone else?