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    Need help

    I am Rangers in my second season but seem to be struggling infact i have struggled from the start but i need some help with formations/instructions :'( Here is a pic of my squad any help well and truly appreciated, Also if this is in the wrong section admins sorry
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    3rd Season in need tactic help

    As you know i'm in my third season with Rangers in the 1st division but the tactic i have been using (default 442 with player roles changed) is becoming very flat i have also been using a 4312 as well but nothing seems to be working so i've decided to download one from here what would work best...
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    What is the best 442 tactic on this site?

    I'm Rangers in my third season and tactics i have been using have gotten very stale so i've decided to download one of here I will show m first team and any help appreciated
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    What are the views on the Hearts crisis?

    After there debt was transferred to the central bank of Lithuania? It looks like the end could be near for them as a Rangers fan it's not a nice thing to go through but after Hearts were the first to speak out about Rangers and say No2Newco i have absolutely no sympathy for the club or the...
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    What would be the best tactic to use in League 2?

    I'm in 2014 and just took over Southend and keep leaking silly goals
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    1860 Munich Tactic

    I'm in my first season and have the full original squad plus i signed Ishiaku as a striker he has been pretty good i have been using a 41221 tactic but lately it has been terrible so any ideas on what tactic i should look at adapting or even downloading is very much appreciated
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    Need some advice

    I have started my first ever game of FM 13 today and started unemployed and have just landed my first job at 1860 Munich and i have 250K transfer budget and 10K a week available Basically are there any cheap young players i should look at Thanks in advance
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    Who are the best free players at the start of the game?

    I will be getting the game tomorrow and starting as unemployed as a challenge with some friends but i haven't played the game yet and have no idea of what players are available etc
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    Anyone know anything about laptops?

    My laptop recently got reformatted back to factory settings but ever since that happened it crashes/freezes when ever i go on it it runs on safe mode for a bit longer but still crashes anyone any idea what is up with it? This is the laptop i run FM on and i can't play until i get it fixed :(
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    Anyone Interested in a champions league style tournament on Ultimate team?

    I would happily run this on Xbox and maybe someone on PS3 could run one for that and i could have a prize win and if you like you could donate to the prize fund (optional)
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    Players for Rangers First season XBOX 360 Version

    Recently bought a copy of it again and going to go Rangers starting budget is £3.5M and i will be looking to offload players so could have about £8-10M to spend looking for young players that are highly rated and also help on formations/tactics would be greatly appreciated
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    Bit of a noob here :(

    I was looking for my data editor to edit Rangers but can't seem to find it anywhere anyone care to shed some light on it? i apologize if this is in the wrong section :D
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    What Lower leagues/teams are the most recomended?

    I've decided to start a new game with a lower league team and build them up and hopefully one day win the top league of the nation. The thing is i have never managed a lower league team as i usually only manage Rangers the only time i have managed outside of Scotland was with IFK Goteburg and...
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    Looking to improve my Rangers team Season 1

    So yeah i'm looking to buy some young players that could maybe start playing straight away i have £2-3 million to spend my current line up isMcGregor Whittaker Goian Bocanegra Wallace Davis Ness/Fleck Naismith Wylde Murphy Jelavic Playing a 4-2-2-2 i would be willing to change tactics to...