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    Champions League bug

    I'm kind of confused basically I'm currently in 2018/19 season of my save. One of my players (Maximilian Meyer) complained that he wants to leave my team because he wants to win the Champions League and he didn't feel we could. So I promised him we'd win it and we ended up winning it in the...
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    Player Achievements

    Basically I won the league and one my players played at least 16 matches eight of them he started 8 of them he came off the bench. But then for some reason it's not showing up on his achievements :S. Is there a reason why it's happening.
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    Cheap prices for FM14

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    Season won't start

    For some very strange reason, my game season won't start. As for example when you start a new season the table resets, but for some reason even though the new season has started it still has the table from last season. My bundesliga match haven't even started.
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    Game won't run properly

    Basically I'm currently using the 'LFC Marshall Update' which is a transfer update and I'm in my second season. But for some strange reason anytime I get to June 30th 2012, it keeps constantly having a crash dump. I've tried literally everything I've tried to holiday past it, it still has a...
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    Football Manager has stopped working

    I'm in my third season the moment, but any time I reach the third match I always get this error. Is there any way it can be fixed? Thanks
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    Lee Cattermole

    Is there any way in which his aggression level could be lowered, because he's always constantly getting red cards Thanks :)
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    Arsenal Debt Spending?

    Right now I'm on my way towards winning the league. My only question is, the money that I have got from winning the league, will it be used to repay debts, or can still spend a reasonable amount of money? Thanks in advance :)
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    Not Responding!?

    I've gone through every thread about this problem, and used all the tips offered. But still this problem is so rampant, and I'm getting increasingly frustrated :@. I've given up I don't know what to do, Is there any advice that hasn't been used yet? Thanks in advance :)
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    Steam- Error

    I've being trying to start my FM for about 10 minutes and I keep receiving this message. "The game is currently unavailable. Please try another time". What does this mean? P.S: I couldn't take a printscreen, because my prinstcreen button is broke :( Thanks
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    Steven Fletcher and Robbie Blake

    I'm currently managing Burnley at the moment, I would like to know the roles that would suit Steven Fletcher and Robbie Blake? Thanks(H)
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    Omg!!!!!!! :o

    This is absolutely astonishing....Sanchez on my Everton Team scored 7 goals :O. Has this Happened to anybody else?
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    My Everton

    I've just finished my first season with Everton and I won the league:D. But I want dominate the 2nd season again, I would like to experiment with other different tatics. Do you have any other suggestions? This is my Team: I play 4-1-3-2...My Targert Man is Milevskyi, but I can't seem to...
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    John Fleck

    I know probably there many threads about him, I just wanted to know how many season's will it take for him to be developed into a top player? Because in Everton game, at the start of the season i bought him and straight away I put him in the first team and he has been impressive and he is doing...
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    Simon Vuckevic Of Sporting Lisbon

    Is he good in real life? Because I've never actually seen him play. But he does actually have pretty impressive stats.