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Recent content by islam-muhammad

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    Need help

    Currently i am managing Hilal El-Quds in Palestine (West Bank League) first season i entered the Asian Presiedent's Cup and i won it besides the cup and the league however i didnt enter the any Asian Cup the following year and no no team in Palestine enter any contiental cup and when i enter in...
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    Help Please

    I started a game from too long with SW Essen in german 5th division and i am currently in season 2017/2018 won the german bundesliga and i am in the final of the champions league i saved after i deafeted Man Utd in the semi final but my laptop lagged while i was saving so when i restarted it...
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    What will happen?

    For example: If i started my game and loaded the german first division only and i played with any team (ex: Hamburg) and i was regelated there is no second division . Will I be sacked or what will happen?
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    How to replace an existing coach?

    I want to start a new game as Hazem Emam a retired player and he is coach in the game so i removed him from the db but now i dont have his acheivments or clubs played for . Is it possible to copy all of his information?
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    Will i gain the second nationality?

    For example my first nationality egyptian and second none If i managed a team in germany for 5-6-7 years will i get The German nationality ???
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    Very strange

    I sarted a new game after i downloaded the german league to the 5th division. The strange this is about Essen teams , RW essen(rot-wiess essen) has Essen derby with SW Essen(Schwarz-weiss essen) and another derby with schalke but the strange thing is about SW Essen in club information they have...
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    Need players Rot-Weiss Essen

    I am currently playing in german lower league(5th division) I want suggestions on player who can sign for me.
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    1. FC Magdeburg and Rot-Weiss Essen

    2 team in germany The first 1.FC Magdeburg plays in regionalliga Nord (german 4th division) and its stadium is MDCC-Arena with capacity 27,250 The second Rot-Weiss Essen plays in regionalliga west(german 4th division) and its stadium is Georg-Melches-stadion with capacity 15,000 I want to...
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    Paris FC (very intersting)

    Hi!! My name is Islam . I am egyptain and i am 17 years old. This is my first participate in the site. I have played fm since fm 2008. I realy love this game but i get bored so i decicded to start a new chalenge so i choosed paris FC in the national league in France(third league) Now i am in the...