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    Liverpool 3-4-1-2: Total Football

    I have gone back to the original formation. But i am struggling to get wingers, left striker and defenders to perform well. Especially wingers and defenders are performing poorly. nothing more than 7.05 for a whole season on a league winning squad :( conceeding 29 in 33 matches, and wingers...
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    Liverpool 3-4-1-2: Total Football

    Even though you said not to. I have found a bit more solid defence in putting the wingers, a slot down, as Wingbacks (attack). I believe that when not playing an absolute top tier team, the defence struggles a bit - that's what i saw, getting beaten 3-0 against PSG and Atl Madrid with F.C...
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    FM 20 (4-2-3-1 The siege). went unbeaten with Atlanta

    Any chance of a mirrored version, really wanna try with AZ, but i got loads of left footed players!
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    ThePav Spirit of 99 Edit

    i'm having a crazy amount of bookings... but im afraid to tick of "get involdved" and "tackle harder" Any recommantions?
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    ThePav Spirit of 99 Edit

    with 10 games left of 1st season, i'm 10 points clear with Brentford. Still loving the tactic - motivation seems to have dropped a bit by having such a big lead pretty much all season, so conceding a bit more here by the end of season. My MCL is not performing well, the mezzala... Do i have to...
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    ThePav Spirit of 99 Edit

    Started a brentford save with no transfers first window, and this tactic is doing wonders for me! 14 games - 13 wins and a single draw. scoring 41 and conceding 5. Strikers banging, 14 by Ollie Watkins in 14 matches, and 8 for Marcus Forss in 8 matches. Also, having a creative midfielder on the...
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    4231 SS-WITCHER bring the wrath of GERALT

    Using this tactic with Stade Rennais, and it's doing great. 19 games played, 15 won, 1 draw and 3 losses. Scored 42 and conceded 13. Pretty awesome considering that i got battered 5-1 against PSG in the super cup, so i've conceded 8 goals in 18 matches after that. i have bought Manuel Ugarte...
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    3-5-2-Mid Dominator by Vujevic

    Imma try it the new update with Aston Villa. i've already signed Lincoln, Dani Olmo and Thilo Kehrer. i'll be back!
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    Two Eight Twenty-four

    Having now played half a season in Denmark. 20 games = 17 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. 53 goals scored and 12 goals allowed. This is how my offesive players has performend. I've changed the striker to complete forward, which have helped me - still tinkering a little trying to find the perfect...
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    Two Eight Twenty-four 2020-02-01

    I had some succes, creating wings 'n things in FM19, but i've been struggeling in FM20 like most of us i guess. A crazy ME made it hard for all of us. But with the new public beta ME, i decided to give it a try again. As always, i am starting with FC Copenhagen in Denmark, and i've only tested...
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    Two Eight Twenty-four

    jakobkp uploaded Two Eight Twenty-four Leave feedback below.
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    3-5-2-Mid Dominator by Vujevic

    i've tried this with FC Copenhagen for 5 games now, only hard opp. was Brøndby, losing 1-4... 5 games, 4 easy. = 1W, 2D, 2L Am i doing anything wrong? i just plugged and played ME version 20.26???
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    4-5-1 Wings 'n Things

    Hello fellow managers. i've never posted a topic nor a tactic on this forum before, so bare with me. i've noticed the lack of succes from the modern inside forward, and that the natural winger seems more effective this year. But playing with both F.C. Copenhagen, Dortmund and Tottenham i have...
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    Tactical adjustments

    Hello FM Base. I startede af new save with F.C. København in the Danish superliga. Normally i'm that kind of MF player, who downloads a tactic from the forum, and plug n' play, but this time i am trying to act like a tactical genius... some has gone good, some hasn't. My defence is pretty...