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Recent content by Jamie F

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    Marcin Wasilewski Returns to Football after Horror Leg Break

    I think most of us remember back in August that Axel Witsel broke the leg of Marcin Wasilewski in 2 places after a horrible challenge. He was told that he may never play again but after 5 separate operations he returned a couple of weeks ago in the final game of the season. I'm not sure if...
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    Your Ambitions in life

    Hey guys, in school a few days ago, me and my mates asked the question, what are your ambitions in life?? What do you aspire to be or what do you want to be?? I know this is a bit of a weird question but I thought it would be a bit of fun and something a bit different. If the majority of people...
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    Jamie's Bizarre Journey to the top of the mountain... of coursework

    INTRODUCTION Well, I have finally plucked up enough courage to have a crack at a story. This won't have any newspaper articles, no video highlights, just the bare essentials which is text and screenshots. This will be updated when I can be bothered but enjoy it anyway and any CONSTRUCTIVE...
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    Hi guys

    Like Frankie has done, I've been on this site for a few months now and I have never got round to introducing myself. My name is Jamie, I'm 15 and from Armagh in N.Ireland aka the biggest dump in the world. Some of you may remember me as Karnage up until about last month. So that's that sorted...
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    My 4-1-2-3 tactic

    Ok. This is a tactic that I have made for my Man City team on Chris's V7 update. I know that it's not the best out there so advice and feedback would be great.
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    What team should I play as?

    Ok, I havn't actually made a thread about anything before, never mind progress on a game so here it goes. I generally get bored with my games very quickly, so I have decided to start a thread about a game. The only thing is that I have no idea about what team I want to play as or what Country...