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Recent content by JordanK

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    Does anyone here watch Shameless. I've been watching old DVD's of it. I'm currently at season 5. Who are your favourite characters. Mine are Paddy,Ian,Frank and Marty
  2. J

    Soccer AM

    It's the start of the Premier League and of course that means the return of Soccer AM. It's on Sky Sports 2/Sky 1 at 10. They've got the Inbetweeners as their first guests. Is anyone going to watch it?
  3. J

    Man Shoots Himself In The *****

    Man shoots himself in the ***** - Odd News - Digital Spy A man has accidentally shot himself in the ***** with his fiancée's pink pistol. Joshua Seto was shopping at a grocery store in Chandler, Arizona with his partner Cara Christopher when the incident happened. The 27-year-old man had...
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    Joey Barton Transfer-Listed

    Newcastle United | News | Latest News | Latest News | Barton Placed On Transfer List Joey Barton has been placed on the transfer-list at Newcastle. I'm absolutely gutted.:'( EDIT:Just seen he's avaidable for FREE!!.
  5. J

    What jerseys do you own?

    Pretty much as the title says. I have the Ireland 2002 World cup , Man U 2006 away , Newcastle 2011 home+away and Newcastle 2012 home jerseys aswell as a few rugby tops :D
  6. J

    Championship League Table Predictions

    Since there's ones for the Premiership and SPL I thought I'd make one for the Championship. Post your predictions on what the Championship table will look like in May. Here's mine :) 1.Nott.Forest 2.Southampton 3.Leicester 4.Birmingham (Playoff Winners) 5.Reading 6.West Ham 7.Cardiff 8.Burnley...
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    JordanK's NEW Kit Request Thread

    Hello, This is my new kit request thread. I've been making Photoshop kits for over a year now.I'm experienced with pretty much everything but the pen tool so please don't request anything that requires too much use of it.Please don't rush me for kits, they will be done as fast I can manage I...
  8. J

    Help changing profile details

    Hi, I'm trying to change the club I follow in my profile (I accidentally put in Man U instead of the mighty Newcastle) but when I go to "edit the values" a spinning icon comes up and just keeps spinning.I haven't a clue how to fix it if anyone could help it'd be appreciated. Happy new year!:)
  9. J

    JordanK's Kit Request Thread

    Hi, Welcome to my kit request thread. I'll be using the ss'11 templates, so thanks to Hammer9. When requesting please use this template Team: Unique ID: Home Kit Colours & Design: Away Kit Colours & Design: Kit Supplier: Sponsor: Additional Info: And please don't request more than 3 at once...
  10. J

    Can't Put Created Team's Kits/Logo In Game

    I created a team and created a logo and home & away kits for them, but they won't show up in the game.The other logo's I have work fine, but for some reason these won't.I've been using FM Graphics Guru.Does anyone know a way to get them to work?Thanks in advance. ---------- Post added at 05:20...