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    [20.2.4] 2039 Match Engine!

    since steam updated my game I cant say ive noticed any change. Keepers are still saving way to many penalties. doesn't matter if the player has a 18+ rating for taking pens, even if the spot kick is right in the corner 9 times out of 10 the keeper saves it. tactic I use still works the same.
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    Answered moving fm 2020 to new laptop

    thank you. it worked perfectly.
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    Answered moving fm 2020 to new laptop

    hi all. sorry if this has already been answered. i have fm 2020 via steam on an old laptop and i am upgrading to a new one. can i move my game save to the new laptop so i dont have to start the game again and if so how? kind regards
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    Your favourite FM20 Players?

    this guy. not a good player but he brings in the crowds which the board arent to happy about due to the extra security needed
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    Lower league players

    ethan laird will come on loan from man utd. defender wb L/R but does get a lot of yellow cards. Ki-Jana-hoever will also be available from liverpool on loan. can defend both wing back positions plus CB. he costs about 375k but pool ask to much so get him on loan. also look at lee o'connor at celtic.
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    4-4-1-1 Spirit of 99

    been using this tactic for the last 2 league seasons on my save. barnet have won the vanarama league by 21 points and currently sit top of sky bet league two at christmas with a 12 point lead. only downside i find is a weakness from defending corners and defenders on the left and right picking...
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    do you play fm 2009 on a laptop?

    hello all. im looking for a laptop to play fm2009 on while im away on business. dont want something to expensive but it will need to play the game to a reasonable standard. thanks all. jpms
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    looking after your star striker.

    hello all. I just wanted to share with you what i have learnt about looking after your star striker and how to stop him wanting to go to other clubs. I have been playing a season a day since i have been off work and what i have learnt is how players behave and change as they get older. this is...
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    new here and enjoying the game.

    hello all. i have been playing fm2009 for a few months now and started looking around the net and found this place is im short of a few ideas.I hope i havn't posted in the wrong forum but here goes. I started at the bottom with a small club (cowdenbeath) as i thought this would be very...