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    Do certain attributes affect player's 'hardness of training'?

    I might be looking too much into this but I was just wondering if there was a correlation between certain stats, including hidden (I have Genie Scout* so I can see these), and how much a player is willing to work in training. I've got Josh Brownhill who's been complaining about extra role...
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    Portsmouth Help! ASAP!

    I've started a game with Pompey, doing pretty poorly, but got a consortium take over. Anyway when I attempt to sign players, even on free transfer - when it comes to sign them it says 'the transfer could not be completed'. I am not under any sort of embargo and I cannot understand what's going...
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    'Warning - unrecognised record in unpack routine'

    My friend just got that when we tried to an online Custom DB that I made - any solutions?
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    Created Team Badge

    Hi guys, can some great person on this forum make me a basic badge for my created team. It would also be great to get those other forms of the badge (small, background left, background right). The club is called Riverside and the main colours are red and white with a golden boat silhouette, the...