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    TAC files not working only FMF. (17.1.1)

    Hi everyone, does anyone know how to use .tac files on the latest update, i can only seem to find .fmf files..
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    Hello FM community, i know fm16 is dead and buried at this stage but i was wondering if anyone has created a roger schmidt tactic, or anyone who is willing to get together to create one. For those of you who don't know who Roger Schmidt is then i suggest reading a brief summary and following...
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    Marcelo Bielsa (El Loco) is one of the greatest managers IMO, seemingly working with smaller teams and transforming them into a hard working unit with unbelievable and relentless pressing. The 3 teams that have been highlighted in a change of his career are; Chile Athletic Bilbao Marseille...
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    Good young British Players in lower leagues??

    Hey guys, I'm looking for, as it states on the title, good young english players from lower divisions, eg Dele All, Demar grey etc, does anyone know any hidden gems?
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    World cup fantasy league

    As most people know the world cup is coming, i was thinking we should do a fantasy league between all users of FM base, There is usually sites for countries to do this separately, but there is one website i think, which is the official FIFA site, if there is any others please state. The actual...
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    Mourinho 4-3-1-2 Porto tactic

    Does anybody have the tactic that Jose employed in is Porto days??
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    Recreating Bielsa 4-3-3 athletic Bilbao

    Overview Hello peeps, i am looking for someone, or if it has already been done, to replicate the 4-3-3 tactic that Bielsa used with athletic Bilbao. For those who are who are interested there will be extensive (To my extent) Information on how the formation works, i would do it myself but i...
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    Match game freezing.

    Right, my game froze for the first time today, then i happened again, (i restarted it and froze in the same game), i tried to make some tactical changes and it just completely froze, when i make change to the tactic, i couldn't see any subs, and then it doesnt say anything afterwards, so i tried...
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    Lucien Favre, Gladbach tactics

    Hi,i was wondering if any of you would try to create and emulate LucienFavre, only if you're not busy that is. Idid try but failed. Justsome background knowledge about him and the team. WhenGladbach were in the relegation zone, he saved them, had an unbeaten10 match run i think? that season...
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    Wigan Tactic

    now we've just seen Wigan win the FA Cup, A fantastic achievement for a club of their stature, they beat man city 1-0 but completely dominated for the 1st to the 90th min, I was hoping that someone would try to emulate what Martinez has done for them and the way they play with their 4-3-3 and...
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    Strikers Pressing backwards

    Hi guys, i wanted to find out how you would make a striker press backwards, so not pressing towards the defence but creating a 10 man barrier between the goal and where the ball is. As soon as the opposition's CM has the ball i want the strikers to press them, but when it gets passed back to...
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    Zdenek Zeman Tactic

    Hello guys i was hoping that someone has created or willing to create a Zeman tactic, most people know him for for those who don't know him How Zeman was discovered Zeman was most known for a crazy man because all he wanted to do is attack, in the links below it shows how he liked to play Zden...
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    Post your Nationality

    Im British ^^)
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    Patches and Updates

    Im trying to get the latest update for fm13 but it's not doing it, i follow the instructions of SI, saying that save the game quit and exit steam then restart the game, but it's not making a difference, i wanted to update it because i want to make a new save.​
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    Jose Mourinho General training and Match prep.

    Hi guys, I wanted to know what Jose Mourinho would do for his general training and match prep. I have tried to replicate what his teams do in real life and this is my implementation on it. My general training We all know that his basis of play was a sturdy defence, so i have put defending on...