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    Tales from Uppsala

    Disclaimer - This story is made using Pr0’s latest update as of July 1st 2015 and the latest version of FM2015. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2015-transfer-updates-custom-leagues/181941-%5Bfm15%5D-transfers-data-update-packs-pr0.html I have loaded several levels from all...
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    Camera Shopping

    Hi folks, I’m currently on the market for a digital camera. It’s 2013 and I’ve never owned a digital camera, crazy eh? I’ve never really had the need for one with always having the latest mobile or a girlfriend/female friend with the urge to take 300 photo’s of every night out *Points to...
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    Kris' Swan Song

    Introduction Hi Everyone, I don’t post very often any more and I certainly don’t start many threads. However I've just finished what I would whole heartedly call my greatest achievement in FM13 and the Football Manager series as a whole since the split from Eidos. Since the release of FM13...
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    The Yellow Danger

    Hello everyone, It has been some time since I put my writing skills to the test on this forum & I’ve been contemplating a new story for quite some time. What better time to go for it than now, after the release of the new game, giving myself amble time to get used to the new match engine. As...
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    SPL Season 2012/2013 Season Preview

    Summary Well you wouldn’t know it but the new SPL season kicks off this Saturday. All summer long, the Rangers saga has dominated both front and back papers and all talk of football has been swept aside. Every armchair fan across the country is now an expert on business and financial law...
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    Kenny Dalglish leaves Liverpool manager's post

    Kenny Dalglish has left his post as Liverpool manager. The 61-year-old has paid the price for Liverpool's poor performances in the Barclays Premier League. Dalglish's departure comes after he held face-to-face talks with principal owners John W Henry and Tom Werner in Boston on Monday. The...
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    Tactical Review #1 – JP Woody’s Wenger Tactic 12.2.2

    Tactical Review #1 – JP Woody’s Wenger Tactic 12.2.2 Introduction So for my first tactical review for FM-Base, I have decided to use our very own Super Moderator JP Woody's latest tactical release ‘JP Woody’s Wenger Tactic 12.2.2’ After loading up several of Europe’s top leagues, The random...
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    So I found this blog today, this is a video from David Cage, writer and director of Heavy Rain. The video is a year old but has been released now, not as a new game but to show how far they have come since Heavy Rain. Personally I am a bit gutted, the idea looks amazing for a great story based...
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    One Foot In The Grave

    Hello and welcome to my second attempt at starting a story for FM12. The last one didn't kick off due to a lack of enthusiasm for the FM side of the story, which is always the focal point in my stories and how I build on the story. So I have decided to start my first long term save for a while...
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    Which former player would you bring back to your club?

    So with all the recent hype over the return of Paul Scholes and Thierry Henry, who would you like to see return to your club? Team: Hearts Player: John Robertson Why?: He is our record goalscorer & have lacked an instinctive finisher since his departure in 1998. I seriously cannot remember...
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    Hurricane Bawbag!

    Police are warning against all travel in the central belt in an unprecedented move as winds of more than 160mph batter Scotland. They said the people could be putting themselves in "considerable danger by travelling". Association of Chief Police Officers of Scotland (Acpos) told STV News that...
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    Enrique Rivas ~ Brazil Nut!

    Hello Readers, I have decided once again to attempt to bring to you, an exciting and enjoyable FM story, which once again takes me to different parts of the football world. I can only apologize for the terrible title; they are not my strong point. Hopefully the writing and storytelling will...
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    What is your Steam username?

    Hey Everyone, Since almost all of us are now using Steam to play FM12, I thought that users might wish to know each other’s Steam username’s so that we can all fuzz over achievements and boast about having 500 friends, Etc etc. So please feel free to submit your Steam ID on this thread. Mine...
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    Hello, I am going on a mini tour of North America in a few weeks and I’m looking for some good books to take with me since I will have plenty of travel time on planes, buses and ferries! I am taking ‘A Game of Thrones’ but don’t want to order the others until I’ve finished the first and know...
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    Fantasy football is about to become reality with immersion technology

    The Premier League's desire to innovate is about to become a virtual reality. English football's elite division has long prided itself on an ability to refresh the brand the top-flight game has become but, where attempts to introduce a 39th game to be farmed out around the globe have died a...