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    This is why we can't have nice things [Deleted]

    I am using the 451, my favorite formation. What do you mean by get it alright outwith the tactic? I am a plug and play player playing with instant result mode and leave the training to my assistant.
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    This is why we can't have nice things [Deleted]

    It sounds cliche, but I think this is the best tactic I have ever used on FM20. High scoring tactic and solid defence. I have not tried this tactic with a poor squad, but I suspect it will not be as effective and will concede alot of goals if you have slow defenders.
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    Rinus Michels - Total Football - by kun

    Who should take the corners?
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    FMKorea Camouflage 4231

    As my team is now up to par with most premier league teams, I change mentality according to my opponent. Try switching mentality to very attacking @home and away against the lower bottom teams. Attacking @away mid table teams and balanced when away against elite teams.
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    FMKorea Camouflage 4231

    This tactic saved my season. My striker scored 30+ goals and DLP with 30 assist (he also takes all the freekicks and corners). But I am skeptical and will wait for the 2nd season results, because this tactic tends to stop working as AI change their approach due to your rise in reputation.
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    2413 Ultra Attack - Designed for top teams

    Attacking mid is outdated. You don't see many old fashion number 10 in the modern football. Maybe that is why it is also not effective anymore in FM. ;)
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    BJT - 20.4.1- FinalList (x18 systems -Pep, Klopp, Mourinho, Conte) - Inc Celtic ECL S2 / + New System, BJT 4411 Feat Fantasista Roberto Baggio

    What is a negative formation? I am using the 433 WOM BJT with great results. All I am waiting now is that the AI adapts to it and it is no longer workable. :(
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    4-3-2-1 Super Attacking

    This tactic saved my season. Before: After:
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    Stadium stuck in ‘planning permission’

    I have also encounter such issues with building new stadium. They have postpone for a few years with building a new stadium due to permits issues etc. But they will build it eventually. :)
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    Remembering Kevin Francis - Direct Target Man 442 Tactic - 117 points Birmingham 1st Season

    Does this tactic work properly if you similate games?
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    Staff wages bug?

    I don't know if this is intented, but I am trying to sign staff and all of them are asking an obscene high wages starting from 3k p/w (150k p/y). Even unemployed staff with low stats are asking those wages. Because of this, my U19 staff are empty. :(
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    Is plug n play a thing in FM20?

    I have plug and played from the 3rd division to the 1st division with the same tactic. At some point, it will not work as good anymore, but you just need to build a better squad, and result will come. Usually, my squad consist of 80% loan players. Quick wingers and strikers will guaranty...
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    Question: Your Best Road To Glory Story of FM

    I usually start unemployed and work my way to the club I want to manage (FC Andorra). Spain is my favorite league, but usually when I start unemployed it will be clubs from the 3rd league van Germany or Austria that gives me a chance.
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    FMKorea Camouflage 4231

    Maybe you are right, because I have only managed teams from lower leagues IE F.C. Andorra