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    Honest to God 20-0 without cheat or anything like that

    So... I dont know if my tactic has just hit that sweet spot or if I chose a too weak of a team to my pre-season or whatever, but... I just won a game by 20-0. Dzeko scored 5, Under scored 4. Pastore had a hat-trick. El Sharaawy too. I play the game since the CM 01/02 and have never, EVER...
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    Bug or Syndrome of Not Wanting to Win the League?

    So, I begun a new save recently and faced this problem: when my team reached the point where we need only a draw to win the League title, we became to lose EVERY GAME. I normally dont win the League title in my first year in a save, but thats the second time that it happen and its the second...
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    How to turn a CM into a Wide Playmaker?

    Hi guys! I need a little help with a tactic I'm trying to setup right now. The formation is a 4-3-3, but I want to change that when my team has the ball. Basically, I play with three CMs on midfield, like that: CM - CM - CM I want that the two side-CMs turn into Wingers (or a Wide Playmaker...