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    Ok guys, i am currently QPR in my second season in the premier league, after automatic promotion the previous campaign. When playing at home i seem to dominate teams and win quite alot, beating the likes of Villa, Bolton, Everton and Spurs. however, the tactic i use does not work when playing...
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    Lassana Diarra

    Squad number 6 in the league, yet squad number 39 in the Champions League. does anyone know the reasoning behind this?
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    everytime i am on football manager my computer switches itself off! it's getting beyond annoying and driving me insane! the time it takes to turn itself off varies all the time from 5 mins - 2 hours sometimes! anyone experienced this? what can i do?? :(:( cheers!
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    will not let me play the game. when i attempt to launch the game, a message comes up saying Cannot run game: Failed to set up graphics system. any suggestions? :(
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    PC Problems...

    Basically.. my computer is fcuked! many drives are missing which means i cannot do much, e.g connect to my internet. i have windows XP, i was thinking if i went out and bought Vista, would everything be re-installed? look forward to guidance/help :(
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    What is everyone getting :P
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    Slurpy J

    Ok theres this singer on youtube who writes and sings football songs and its pure class! i thought id share my find with everyone! http://uk.youtube.com/SlurpyJ thats his profile! check out all his songs!
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    What Happens If...

    Over The course of one season you use more than 99 players. what happens to the squad numbers or is there a limit on how many players you can use in a season?
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    Teams You Hate Thread

    Following On From The Players You Hate..... Name The Teams You Hate And Why I Will Start: Leeds- Hate The Management Team Liverpool- Hate Peter Crouch And How They Also Seem To Worm Wins In The Chapo League
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    Players You Hate Thread

    Post The Players You Hate Most!! :D
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    What is your best victory of all time??

    What is your best victory of all time?? Post screenies of your best results or your favourite all time matches.... Heres mine..
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    Epic Movie?

    has anyone seen this movie ?? is it any good? because i am thinking of watching it at the weekened??
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    New Patch???

    When is it released??
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    Help Please!!!

    please could you give me hints, tips, tactics and players to buy to try to keep watford in the premier league thanks xx
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    Players for the lower leagues?

    Anyone found anyone, who's consistently awesome in the lower leagues? Ive Found David Edwards - Shrewsbury Jennison Myrie-Williams - Bristol City Lukas Jutkiewicz -Swindon Town