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    Philippe Coutinho - Should I Sell?

    Hey guys, I've had an offer for Philippe Coutinho from Bayern. Insanely, it totals £94m, straight up: He got 12 goals and 12 assists in 38 league games last season, totalling up a 7.36 Avg. Rating. I don't need the money at all, but if I do sell him, I would like a replacement for the LW...
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    Football Manager 2017 Feature Video

    Football Manager 2017 | Out November 4th
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    Where's my son?

    Hey guys, I have a bit of a problem with my FM14 save. So I have this regen striker, who's just retired. He spent 12 years at the club (2026/27 to 2038/39), and now that he's retired, I presume I would have my son, having had him retire after 10 years, right? NO. Now I have a suspicion that...
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    The Newbies on the Block - The Story

    Players 1. Sorry about the pics for a few players! :P 2. Couldn't do Khali's height or weight, too big! 3. Pedersen has OP mental + physicals because I accidentally put 20 for stats. He does suffer in technicals though, so that could be a compromise. (EDIT - Edited him so he's a...
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    The Newbies On The Block

    The Newbies On The Block This is a new BaP, where I manage you lot, and see how good or bad you may be. Name - Date of Birth (D/M) - Ethnicity - Hair Colour - Skin Tone No. - City Of Birth - Nationality - Height - Weight - Foot - WF (Weak Foot) Rating - Position (Include 2 if you...
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    Lewie Roberts - A Career In Football (FM16)

    Hi, my name is Lewie Roberts, and this is my story. I came from a football background. In the past, I was playing for the Welsh U12 teams by the age of 10, but there were not enough football academies that were 'good' enough as such, so I was sent to the academy of Crewe. Crewe have been known...
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    Underdogs Will Fight On!

    May 16th 2015 South Wales, UK Liberty Stadium 4:50pm 'Pweeep!' And that is that! Swansea City have lost 1-0 to Crystal Palace, but that places them in a very promising 8th place position. There is more a feeling of sadness at the Liberty. However, with star player Lewie Roberts getting a...
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    A suggestion for future FM Touch games

    Hey people In the FM Touch mode, I would like to put a recommendation for future FM Releases, I would love to have the Homegrown system implemented into FM Touch. It's meant to be realistic, and having the potential to have no English players is a bit mad. Thanks, if anyone who works for SI is...
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    The Belgian Club On The Block 2 - The Return

    The Belgian Club On The Block 2 When you're knocked down, you just get better. Hi guys, it's lewie100 here, with a new edition of TBCOTB! Last year, I started a BaP, called 'The Belgian Club On The Block'. It was destroyed by a random save I did... However, I am back! With **** tactics, top...
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    A FIFA Ultimate Team Story - By lewie100

    So I was thinking of doing something original, and not many people do an Ultimate Team Story to be honest, so I'm going to roll with it, as a trial. Teams Serie A 1: Will post other team ASAP. :)
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    How Much?

    Says it all really. Liverpool 2nd season, sold: Benteke - £18m (Was very poor) Ibe - £36.5m (Wanted to go) Can - £60m (Balanta replaces) Hendo - £65m (Ajer replaces)
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    Wales - A Journey To The Best

    Wales - A Journey To Be The Best (A Welsh Story, by Lewie100) 27th June 2015 Chris Coleman resigns from Wales, Youngster takes charge of Welsh National Team We can report that Chris Coleman has left the Wales National Team having fallen ill and being unable to manage the team. A youngster...
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    Most goals scored in a season?

    Hey guys, just interested, what is the most goals you have scored in a season with a club? This season is only 23 games long, but I have already scored 93 goals in that time, including a 9-1 win over Barcelona! (The year is 2036 for those interested. :))
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    FM Base Story Awards 2015 Revamped!

    FM Base Story Awards 2015! Welcome to the revamped version of the FM Base Awards! This was first created by Lippo255, but he didn't have enough time to finish it, I am here to finish what he started! Now, for the rules! 1. Please, before nominating, check that the story you would like to...
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    Nicolas Boucher - A New Era

    Nicolas Boucher. He was a legend in football. French CB, top player, could get to any striker and get on them with ease. 2 years later than on the FM game, he got a ACL injury, ending his career. His manager at the time, Lewie Roberts, was distraught that his best CB had to retire, but he worked...