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Recent content by Lewis2202

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    Tactic advice

    Hiya all my team is performing well i play 4-3-3 i use wing backs and then three centre mids BWM, AP, CM and three strikers all Complete forwards i score a **** ton of goals but seem to concede from crosses alot and struggle to break down teams who sit back does anyone have any ideas how to...
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    Who shall i add??

    Hi all i am about to start my 4th season with leeds we played last season well finished 4th meaning we are in the champions league we won the donestic cup double and got the the quarters of the euro cup i need some advice on what i need to add to my current squad to take it to the next level...
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    Improve defence

    My team are flying high but let silly goals in and i need to strenghten my back four for a title push please watch my video and let me know how you wouls improve it https://youtu.be/bZR8rPJDLrc
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    Facebook group

    Hi all hope this is allowed i have created a facebook group for people to advertise and share you tube stories also will give people the oppourtunity to watch and subscribe to other peoples channels https://www.facebook.com/groups/883141631789242/
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    Anyone use bandicam

    Does anyone use bandicam to record their story?? i made two videos about 10 mins long at about 40000kb and iv just done one thats about 6 mins long and its 900000kb long why is this one so big is ot to do with the settings?? any help will be appreciated cheers lewis
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    Leeds championship to champions league

    A lot of people seem to be playing as leeds this time round i am also playing as leeds i jist wondered everyone elses reason for playing as them?? Is it cos u support them or cos u relish working under a mad **** chairman
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    Fm17 Leeds United - the sleeping giant is awaking

    Hi i have played football manager for as long as i can remember but this year iv decided to do it different i am playing as my favourite team Leeds United and what you all to join me along the journey i have for the first time started my own youtube channel story Lewisfm17 Leeds i will be...
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    My leeds story

    I am starting to do a you tube channel for my leeds story https://youtu.be/A976wVCbXig please give it a view and subscribe and ill add more videos thanks lewis
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    unhappy players

    i keep getting unhappy players i have youngsters that are are 18 - 19 and signed on roatation and hot prospect and now un happy that they aint getting first team football?? the strangest one is that chris eagles moaned that he doesnt get on with kyle walker and its effecting his football so i...
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    young players

    i was just wondering....... i keep seeing ppl saying that areola and other such young players become amazing.....if i buy them do tehy have to play in my team week in week out to get this good or will bin in trainin and playing the odd game be enough??
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    everytime one of my younger players has finished bin tutored it just says blah blah has learnt a little how do i get them to learn more or will it always say that they learnt a little
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    Kasper Schmicheal vs Alex Smithies

    im playing as leeds and in my second season and its my first season in the premiership......and i wondered which of my two keepers you would all have as first choice lets put it to vote alex smithies or kasper schmicheal
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    work permits

    everytime i try to sign a player from overseas his work permit gets turned down why does this happen and how can i stop it???
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    taking new job

    in football manager 10 i played as leeds for 9 seasons winning everything and i turned down various job offers i was just wondering do other ppl stay with same club the whole time and be loyal or do u move about for the challenge
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    new players

    im playing as leeds in jan of my first season i am currently top of championship clear by 11 points so its looking likely that im going up i was wondering if you had any suggestions of players that will help keep me in the prem if i go up that i can buy now my current line up is GK: KASPER...