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    Rainbow 6: Rogue Spear

    Used to be a popular game till stopped hosting but now it is back after 5 years. Not the greatest graphics in the world (Must be easily over 10 years old now) Still a great FPS to play! n all free. Download, install load main menu quit add patch n maps n your ready to...
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    Songs/Bands that you would never tell anyone you like thread!

    Thread to post songs/bands you would be too embarrassed to admit to your mates that you like! mine are, Bit cheesy i know but really catchy chorus!
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    Footballer sent off for tackling streaker Fairly amusing especially as my local team ended up with a win, completely ridiculous though as they all stood around doing nothing then one guy goes in for the kill n gets sent off :D
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    The Music Hating Thread

    Rather than sieving through music thread's and thinking "what the **** is that ***** your recommending it is horrific" this is a abstract thread to constructively voice your opinion on artists you think are overrated or just plain annoying, that plague the music channels/radio. To avoid...
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    Flight of The Conchords

    As there was a thread about facejacker, thought id start one about the wonderful flight of the conchords. Series 1 of them has got to be the funniest comedy i have ever watched. YouTube- Flight of the Conchords Ep 8 'Foux Da Fa Fa' Its about two New Zealenders trying to make it big in...
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    Quick question upon what someone said on another thread How do you train players to there potential? is it just done by means of tutoring and a decent training schedules or is there more effecient ways, does playing them 1st team make them learn quicker ect. And what affects hindering there...
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    Team of the Week

    Nearly whole of my team got team of the week (H) coulda possibly been 10/11 but one got injured
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    Is it me or are the scouts on 2010 really really rubbish, been playing sunderland for 3 seasons and my 11 scouts have managed to find a minimal amount of semi decent players, apposed to fm09 where they actually gave me decent information for future transfers.