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    Champions League final oddballs

    Hi guys, I just recently had a champions league final against a team that I would never have dreamt of playing a European final against. Turned out quite well for me ^_^ But just wondering, what is the weirdest or in other words, most unlikely team you have ever faced in a Champions League final?
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    goalscoring goalies

    I've never ever had a goalkeeper score a goal for me on any of my saves before. And I haven't ever seen anyone else who's goalie has. Just curious to know..have people ever had a goalkeeper score a goal for them? :D p.s. - just to clarify, this isn't own goals (for the smart arses out there)...
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    Your longest unbeaten run

    Currently on a 78-match unbeaten run in all competitions with my Porto side towards the end of my third season.. just had me wondering what is the longest unbeaten run people have had with their teams (not just league, this includes all competitions) ? Will post a screenshot later..it's on my...
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    Brazil u-23s at the Olympics!

    hey guys, I just took over Brazil for the Olympics on FM. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with playing with them before, and if you have any tips? And also the three over-age players you used. I'm definitely going to use Thiago Silva, probably going to use Marcelo. Not sure about...
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    Hulk - Inside Forward or Striker?

    Just wondering what people's experiences with Hulk are. And what his best position really is? Is it as an inside forward on the right wing or as a striker? Anyone who's had him before and can help..I would be really grateful :)
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    Chelsea's underwriter sugar daddy

    Just confused as to what the actual role of an underwriter sugar daddy is and how it actually works? I haven't come across any convincing explanations yet. I was playing with Chelsea, and was about 40M in the red, when all of a sudden, it said Abramovich has got rid of the debt and my bank...
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    Shakhtar Donetsk

    Just started a save in the Ukranian Premier League with Shakhtar. And there is the annoying rule which allows me to play only 7 "foreign" players in the starting 11. And everyone at the moment is considered foreign unless they're Ukranian. My question is, will my players eventually gain Ukranian...
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    Bizarre Glitch! Weirdest I've seen yet :(

    French Cup 9th Round, I'm playing (with Havre AC) against En Avant de Guingamp. Leading 3-0 before things go catastrophically wrong and they equalise to make it 3-3. Then it goes to extra time. One of my players scores a goal. BUT THE SCORE REMAINS AT 3-3. WTF! It was not offside or anything. It...
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    Future saves, anyone? :D

    Hey guys, I'm just completely bored with starting games right from the beginning. Hence this thread. Does anyone have any saves that are at least up to 2018-2019 or beyond? Whether they are holiday saves, or whether you've built all-conquering sides. For my part, I have a very good PSG side in...
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    Most money you paid for a regen??

    what was the highest amount of money you paid for a regen...state the amount, and post a screenshot too please..all incredible regens will be duly appreciated :D :D mine was £71M for this incredible Brazilian midfielder Clayton who I got from Bayern Munich.
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    Advice on where to play players

    just wondering...if anyone has ever had Kara from Tromso on their save. is it better to train him as a centre back and play his as a centre back? or would i be better off playing him as a ball winning midfielder in a central midfield role (i dont play a DM). i'm at celtic btw, in 2013 january...