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    A Pedro Gonzalez Story

    Pedro Gonzlez: A young Spanish manager(36) who wants to throw his hat into the ring of English lower league management. With a passing style and 4-3-3 to go hand in hand he looks to turn a side into the football league to an English Barcelona! With big hopes to the side he lands with...
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    Newcastle new patch who to sign

    On the patch with only 3 million i don't mind selling the likes of Colo and jonas to get in a young AML/ML to the standard of cabaye(i understand cabaye is not a winger but i need someone of the same quality i think ben arfa would have been a better example) when reaches full potential or at...
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    Bringing glory to tyneside a youtube story/series

    My goal is to win the BPL and then the Champions league and then become the greatest team in the world here is part 1 Let's play football manager 2013 | Newcastle united | Bringing Glory To Tyneside | part 1 | - YouTube and my latest part season 4 part 8 Let's play football manager 2013 |...
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    Maney's Magpies (A newcastle united story)

    A Newcastle united story Pardew Walks! After being given an 8 year contract Alan decided to walk after Demba ba leaving for Chelsea and he did not have the financial control promised in his new deal. A search for a new manager begins the 4 favorites for the bookies to take over as toon...