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    It Never Rains In Manchester, But It Pours...

    Hi, I'm Mark Fisher. I had a distinctly mediocre upbringing in Sale, Trafford, Greater Manchester. I managed to get into the local grammar school and went on to study english at Manchester Metropolitan University. It was early May 2005, I had just finished my last exam and a sense of freedom...
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    Back from The Dead

    Hi, i've not been on here in a while because my mum got quite ill but she's alright now. Was about October that i stopped coming on here but i'm back now. Since then i've been unjustly arrested at QPR away and had an incredibly awkward moment with the football manager himself Sir Alex Ferguson...
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    Emulando il grande Torino - Emulating the great Turin

    I was born in Manchester in 1976, my grandad died in 1983. My earliest memory is of him stating how Turino were once the major power in european football but much like the man utd side of the 50's there squad was ripped apart by a devastating disaster in 1949 called the Superga Disaster, He...
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    Steam Error

    When i go to load fm12, it says steam error- this game is currently unavailable. Anyone know a fix or a reason why it happens?
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    Any Tips for Memorizing?

    I have a french essay that i need to write tommorrow (300 words), i've memorized about 90, i can't get any more in the small brain, any help? btw i can take 40/300 words in with me
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    The Memorabilia Thread

    So what memorabilia does everyone have (if any), I'll start us off Things that are to do with football: I have a forlan signed shirt Solskjaer signed picture and.. bizarelly a benjani signed picture of the derby on the 50th munich anniversary where city won 2-1 and he scored... the story is...
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    Napoli Ultras Threatened By Hoax Manchester City Fans

    On a Napoli forum a few days ago, a group of man utd fans joined and threatened the Napoli hooligans pretending to be blues. Some of the things posted by these fans included (very offensive things in spoilers) : Personally, i will feel harsh if Napoli haven't realised its united fans, but i...
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    FC United Of Manchester (BAP) story thread

    heres the 22 squad players at the start of the game :
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    Fc United Of Manchester (BAP) Application Thread

    Founded in 2005,Fc United were slowly moving towards the football league. Suddenly Macclesfield were kicked out the football league for financial trouble and as Fc United were the closest non league team to Macclesfield, they were elected to take their place. Alex Ferguson is manager and other...
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    It's a crazy situation, but all I need are cigarettes and alcohol!

    Excuse the vaguely relevant oasis lyrics, basically some of my tactics are named after oasis songs but anyway.... something was wrong with my game so i uninstalled and then reinstalled succesfully and my game works, however all previous saves and tactics and saved matches were seemingly...
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    The 2011 Rugby World Cup Thread

    The 2011 Rugby World Cup will be the seventh Rugby World Cup. 20 teams will compete in the tournament and they will be split into four pools of 5. Pool A Canada France Japan New Zealand Tonga Pool B Argentina England Scotland Georgia Romania Pool C Austalia Ireland Italy Russia United...
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    Plane Crash In Salford

    BBC News - Two injured in Salford plane crash hope they are ok!
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    How far away do you live from your teams home?

    been asked to do this as a geography assignment... the title says it all really
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    Best Man Utd Player Ever

    Says it all in the title! For me, its Best no pun was intended..
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    My Problems With Modern Football

    I have recently recieved the news that my season ticket application at Old Trafford has been successful. I applied with a friend and we both have tickets together for next year. Another friend (yes, i'm that popular) was not given a season ticket but told he could have one near us. he phoned me...