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    No more posts numbers ?

    Silly question : am I the only one who doesn't see the posts numbers anymore ? I read past comments referring to old posts with their numbers, but I just can't find the appropriate posts without their actual numbers. Thanks.
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    Goncalo Guedes screenshot in new 18.3 update

    As the title says, is there someone who can upload a screenshot of Goncalo Guedes at the start of the game? I know he's killing it at Valencia IRL and I'd like to see how they rated him in the winter update. Thanks guys
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    Germany, Japan national teams and Brazilian league teams licensing issue

    Hi, I'm in the middle of a save and I reported an issue on the SI forum about the game freezing on the social feed page since the patch 17.2. In order to try and fix this issue, the mods asked me to delete the cache folder, delete my preferences folder and verify the cache on steam...
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    De Gea vs Courtois

    Hey, I've the opportunity to recruit one of them. I know they are both world class, but which one would you choose? COURTOIS has better physical stats (jumping reach, aerial reach) and he's better in 1vs1 situation, which his great in a counter attack situation against your team. (Plus, he's...
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    More than 80 wonderkids "screenshots" at 25 and 31

    Hey guys, I found this channel on youtube and just thought I would share it with you. I don't know the person who did the job but this is the heaven for FM wonderkids lovers!!! ;) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ekfRO2UMX97gIDcMZn2BA/videos It did help me a lot to have a rough idea on how...
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    Who bought Messi?

    He's 28 in the 2015/16 season, so I guess the more you wait, the less relevant it becomes to pay huge money to get him, but I'm curious to know if some people did buy him. If yes, which club? Which year? Which fee? Thanks guys
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    How to separate the role from the position training in the player training section?

    Just wondering, does someone know how to separate the position from the role in the player training section? Let's say you have a player, LEFT footed, playing his best as an inside forward and cutting inside in the AMR, but not comfortable to play in the MR spot: in FM15, you could retrain...
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    How to remove the fiancial fair play penalties at a save start?

    Hey guys, Does someone know how to remove the first financial fair play penalties? (probably set in the editor) I always start a save by deactivating the first transfer window to always play in game with the real life squad. When we arrive in October or November, all the clubs boards give a...
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    Another New Update?

    Hey guys, I was just launching the game but Steam is actually updating it. Note that I'm already on the 12.2 patch... Any news about it? Thanks