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    help with graphics please

    hi all ive added nets to my fm but i deleted all files in goalpost an put the new 1s in but when i play the game i have a black box as net/goal can any 1 help me get the old 1s back or sort the new 1s out?
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    False nine Tottenahm

    hey all any 1 no any false 9 first season sold ade i have 20 mill to spend???
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    Gibraltar story???????

    hi all Gibraltar database has been released on the steam workshop but you also need the (new) 14.3 patch to play it ive just loaded it up to see what it looks like and boy does it look very hard my question is will some 1 be doing a story i would love 1 of the main thread users to have a crack...
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    replacements Man Utd

    im playing with utd first season about 9 games in going well im using rvp an lil pea as cf and rooney amd welbeck as f9 but i dont really like welbeck so im thinking of selling him at the end of the season can any 1 recommend a young player or for cf? rvp is knocking on so if u also no a young...
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    patrice evra a naughty boy

    hey what would you do with evra first i gave him a warning then i gave him 1 week wage fine then 2 weeks wage fine and now he has been sent off again i haven't warn him about his conduct but will this help? his morel his very poor after the 2 weeks fine i just dont no what to do at this point...
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    crewe help !!!

    hi guys looking for a good left winger have 1k in wage to spend and 1.44 mill to find him any help would be fantastic :)
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    advice needed asap left back

    hi all ive just started with man utd ive put buttner up for loan gonna use evra mainly but id like a new left back to replace him not sure if i want an under study or some 1 who is just as good atm i no i also have fabio but i feel he just dont cut it ive looked at shaw an alba no go silly...
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    dm arrigo sacchi

    hi every 1 im useing arrigo sacchi with everton im looking for a good dm i use barry gibson strandberg ryan ledson first season im in dec first season i have 5.75 mill any ideas thanks
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    hi all help with striker plz

    ive just started a new save with man utd signed hughes doria looking for a young st to replace rvp in the future thanks
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    neal maupay

    has any 1 looked at neal maupay yet is he still just as good?
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    fm 14 demo

    does any 1 no when the demo is out? thanks
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    Tottenham Help

    hey all :) ive just started a new save with tottenham using a tikka takka tactic i need a good treq in the st postion i have dead wood up for sale to get my self some more cash at the moment i have 30 mill with 100k to find some 1 also using lfc update can any 1 help plz
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    hi guys really need help!!! hmm i have a few tactics witch are might an magic/ tika taka domination/ complete madness / klop dortmund tactic/ also using lfc update my ? is i want to be a low English league team that i can get up trew the leagues and then rule the world using 1 of these...
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    Looking for the new messi

    hi guys im barcelona using tika taka tactic and using messi as a treq so my question is what wonderkid to sign to replace messi in time i have have maupay and training him as a treq but ive come across a screen shot of him when he is 22 an is not looking like he could take that role im...
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    cb for Southampton

    hey all ive just started a new save with southamton using lfc update and im going to be using tiki taka domination! im looking to find a good young cb and also a rb and lb for cover for shaw and clyne i have 27 million to spend but will have more 1s ive got rid of dead wood also any other...