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    MrLTactics - Tactic Testing

    Greetings everyone from MrLTactics! We are proud to announce that "NoTTe", our dedicated testing machine, has now been made available for all users! Everyone can submit their tactics directly to NoTTe, and when the test is finished, the results will be posted on the tactic ladder automatically...
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    Mr Langvatn's Tactic Center for FM17

    IMPORTANT MESSAGE (29.04.2017) It's getting quite hard to get an overview of all the tactics that are being requested to test from all the different forums, websites and facebook groups, so I will say here what I have said other places. You can request a tactic to be tested here. Simply make...
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    Mr Langvatn FM16 Tactic Center

    Click here to download my 4-4-2 Sicilian Defense v5 for FM17 My flagship tactic so far: 4-4-2 Deep Sicilian Defense v5 <-- Click the link (OI's also on this page) Testing thread...
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    Message from Mr L

    Hi guys! I just wanted to let you know that I won't be buying FM16 before it gets on sale. I figured it's better to let you know here than having to answer a buttload of PM's :) Best wishes, Mr L
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    Mr L 4-2-1-3 Dominatrix - Hard as the Rock

    Collective Spirit Enganche Edition (highly recommended) New tactic today September 21st 2015: Mr L 2-6-2 Collective Spirit Ok, I know that the formation is not the most desirable one for many, BUT you should really consider trying this one out if you loved the old Rock Classic. Because this...
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    Mr L 4-2-1-3 Central Gambit Final Version

    New and better tactic -------> Mr L 4-1-2-3 Dominatrix - Hard as the Rock Hi guys! As my newest tactic, "4-2-1-3 Central Gambit", has been so well recieved in my tactic centre thread, I thought it deserved its own thread, with all the information about it in one place. First of all, it is...
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    Community Contest

    Updated 30.03.2015: Results from the first contribution have come in! Pavleg made several changes, including set pieces, and ended up boosting goal difference by 10! Come on guys :) We need more contributions! :) TACTIC GFC GF GA GD H. Pts A.Pts T.Pts Mr Langvatn's original 36 132 57 +75 53...
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    Mr Langvatn's Tactic Centre for FM15

    Newest and best tactic I have for FM15 ----> TACTIC GFC GF GA GD H. Pts A.Pts T.Pts Mr Langvatn 2-5-3 Mean Machine 34 148 31 +117 57 53 110 Mr L (Deep) 4-3-1-2...
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    Mr Langvatn?s New and Improved Tactic Thread (With test league)

    Mr Langvatn - New and Improved Tactic Thread (With test league) Update 26.10.2014: I have a new thread, together with Jesaustralia, for FM13. Check it out! (Many new tactics)...
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    Mr Langvatn 6-2-2 Stonewall Attack (14.3.1)

    NEW THREAD 04.06.2014: Norwich 20 games test (Stonewall Counter): Man Utd 20 games test (Stonewall Attack): Season results from users for "Stonewall Attack"...
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    Mr Langvatn 4-1-2-3 King's Opening

    02.02.2014 Added a v2 after constructive feedback from the forum. Hey guys! I have finally created an insanely good tactic for 14.2.2, although the Bomb Rock Baby I made with Jassar rocks pretty hard too. But this one... Well, here are the results from Mantorras' Tactic Testing League...
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    Mr Langvatn's Tactic Centre FM14

    Update 07.05.2014 Finally made a new tactic for 14.3.1. 6-2-2 Stonewall Attack. You can download it below while waiting for me to get the information I need to make a new thread for the tactic. THREAD FOR THE NEW TACTIC...
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    Mr Langvatn's Tactic Thread (Updated for 13.3.3)

    Mr Langvatn's Tactic Thread Update 26.10.2014!!!! OMG, I just outdid myself by a mile............... (New tactic which is so HIGH SCORING that even grandma would enjoy FM) Look here: WOOOW - By Mr L Update 26.10.2014: Me and Jesaustralia have just finished our big test of all my tactics...
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    Mr Langvatn's Underdog Beast

    Tactic updated 04.01.2013 Hello my fellow Football Managers! A lot of people have been requesting an underdog tactic from me, so here it comes! It is a 4-2-2-1-1 formation, and it is incredibly stable in the back, as well as quite okay going forward in my opinion. It is based on direct...
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    Spin the Wheel 4-2-3-1 (Godlike version)

    Spin the wheel New thread: Updated 13.05.2013: Hey guys! I'm (semi) back! After a lot of requests for a tactic for 13.3.3, I made one, and you can find it at the...