Mr Langvatn 4-1-2-3 King's Opening

Mr Langvatn

Dec 21, 2012
02.02.2014 Added a v2 after constructive feedback from the forum.

Hey guys!

I have finally created an insanely good tactic for 14.2.2, although the Bomb Rock Baby I made with Jassar rocks pretty hard too. But this one... Well, here are the results from Mantorras' Tactic Testing League:

View attachment 427924View attachment 427923View attachment 427922View attachment 427857

It is a 4-1-2-3 (Yes, three strikers) all-in possession-based, with controlled mentality, shorter passing, much lower tempo, no passing into space, etc etc. It usually holds around 70% possession unless you're up against stronger teams.

Hopefully you guys will get to use it before the next patch arrives! It is pure plug and play! The only thing you need to do is set a right footed guy to take left corners, and vice versa (The corner setup is from Jassar, and it is incredibly good).


Regards, Mr L :)

Note: Some users have had better results going counter mentality. I guess that is logical for smaller teams. Go ahead and try out different mentalities, see what works best for your team :)

NB!! IMPORTANT: Team training: Defensive positioning
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