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    The Manchester United Thread

    Because he plays for the club we're trying to leapfrog in the table. They're not going to strengthen a rival when they can just sell him to Inter or another foreign club.
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    The Manchester United Thread

    I thought Chong v Wolves was his best game in the first team, but it still wasn't enough to convince me we desperately need to keep a hold of him. We haven't heard as much about Angel Gomes leaving so I hope that is a positive & they're close to agreeing an extension. We definitely need to snap...
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    The Manchester United Thread

    They're pretty much equal, except for when it comes to price. Leicester's demands would exceed what they got for Maguire, whereas Grealish will probably be around £60m, perhaps less if Villa go down; so I'd go for Jack. Not sure we'll need either if the Fernandes transfer is actually happening...
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    The Manchester United Thread

    Dalot? We signed him in June 2018.
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    The Manchester United Thread

    Surprised Fosu-Mensah is back already. Hopefully Ole plans to use him as a midfielder.
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    Johan Martial

    This guy is amazing. Jonny Evans doesn't seem to be as good as he once was on this update, so I picked up this guy on the cheap because I had a few defenders out injured. He hasn't had a bad game yet. Scored on his debut, he's completed 70% of his passes, 88% of his tackles and he's filled up...
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    France & Italian Jobs...

    ...has anyone ever had them? Blanc & Prandelli never get sacked on my games and I really want to boss one of those nations :S
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    Should I Buy This Regen...

    Ok, so this guy has popped up on my United save, and apparently it'll take about £16M to sign him. I have Rooney, Berbatov, Hernandez, Neymar, Wickham, Welbeck loaned out and a couple of Italian regens in my U18s who look good. So, should I buy him?