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    The Return of Sir Alex V3.0

    The Return of Sir Alex Last year I did a simulation of how Alex Ferguson would do if he was to start his career now. starting at East Stirlingshire (as he did) and let him loose on FM. Link Below...
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    U23/U18 managers

    Hey Guys, What do you look for when employing and Under 23/18's manager? I'm trying to get someone with decent Attritubtes for a manager but it's hard to find a good one. What would you say is the most important attribute? Tactical Knowledge? Man Management? Also, is anyone getting it where...
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    17.3.0 game running slow? Read this!

    I assume this is allowed.... But as a lot of people are experiencing a slower game speed since the update I thought I would link this https://community.sigames.com/topic/398435-is-your-game-running-slowly-in-the-latest-update-1730-if-so-please-read/ Worked for me
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    Bournemouth second season

    Hello, I'm playing with Bournemouth, currently 14th in April and look set to survive this season. Any recommendations on players I should look at signing next season? I need to sort out the defense as that is the weakest area by far! Thanks!!
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    Letting go of the FM 16 save

    Anyone else having trouble letting go of their long term FM 16 save in favour of the lovely new FM 17? My Long term Cardiff save feels like I've put too much effort in to quit now, or ever! Especially after saving a young Somalian from a life of pirating to have him join my youth team in the...
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    The Return of Alex Ferguson V2.0

    I was talking with a friend who also plays fm the other day about how Alex Ferguson would do if he was reborn and started his journey of management in the 15/16 season......so I'm doing a test. I remade the legend of a manager (you may not agree with his stats but they should grow over time to...
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    Overthrowing Messi - a BAP Rival Story!

    Lionel Messi - Arguably the greatest footballer ever. He has the record of 5 Ballon D'or wins (so far) and doesn't look like slowing down any time soon.... The year is 2025 and Messi has continued his rain at the top collecting more awards as he goes! (total number to be confirmed later) Once...
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    Wandering around a bit...and back again

    Hi Guys, after a long absence from here I've decided to come back and do another story. Every year I do a long-winded save where I take one team up the leagues and build them into a super footballing powerhouse! I have done the same this year but it's gotten stale so needed something new. This...
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    Best players for a draft game

    Hey FMers Who do you think are the best players to get for a draft game? A friend and I are going to do an edited database with draft players so I wanted to see what peoples thoughts are, any beasts I may have missed? No need to mention the greats like Messi. Ronaldo and Akinfenwa!
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    Equil Youth Ratings

    Hi, I saw this on my travels so wanted to post the link as I thought a few people may be interested. Every country has the same youth rating - meaning the wonderkid regens can pop up in any country and will appear more random! FM 2016 Equal Youth Rating Database | Passion4FM Sorry If I'm not...
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    Prize Money changes

    Hey guys, Does anyone know how to edit the prize money won in competitions? I want to change all the leagues in Europe to gain the same prize money each year - to make it more equal Thanks
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    Graphic card denied access???

    Hey guys! I got a new laptop recently, should have no problem playing the game but after a couple of weeks (in game) it crashes and says that graphics card has denied access. I've tried googling the problem but not many people know of a fix, if anyone has had similar or has any ideas to help...
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    4-3-1-2 - Advise please

    I've been toying with a new tactic and wanted to know people's advice.... I had been using a 4-4-2 but I managed to find a Norwegian Messi (AMC) and needed to fit him in. Any suggestions, ideas etc are welcome! Thanks in advance
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    El Sackico

    Has anyone seen this before? Another great pun brought to you by FM
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    First ever Champions league Trophy!!!!!!

    After 15 years in the job (and 13 straight days of playing time) I have finally won the Champions league with Poole town...had to share it somewhere - very excited!