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    Global Warming/Climate Change

    Love my topical threads :wub: Couldn't find a similar thread (searched all the words in the title) but this can be deleted if one exists. The terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan made me consider the idea of climate change yet again. I'm still not convinced either way by arguments for and...
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    Database size.

    Does using a small database for international matches make it easier? When I first got the game, I started a save as Venezuela, loading the Venezuelan league (from the additional leagues section of this site), and all players from Venezuela. I loaded a small database, as the idea was to play...
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    Foreigners in Russia

    I'm Volgar Gazprom in the Russian First Division (the second tier). The league rules state that only 4 foreigners are allowed in the first XI. This may be a stupid question, but is every player without Russian citizenship foreign? I'd like to find out before I sign too many non-Russian...
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    Autumn Internationals

    Anyone rugby fans on here watched any of these? Last week's results - England 16 - 26 New Zealand Ireland 21 - 23 South Africa Wales 16 - 25 Australia Fixtures Saturday, 13 November 2010 England v Australia, 14:30 France v Fiji, 17:00 Ireland v Samoa, 14:30 Italy v...
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    Lower League Managing Style

    For all you Lower League Managers like myself. I've been browsing the SI Communtity Forums having a look at their LLM section: Does anyone adhere to these guidelines when playing? Or is SI's stance on Lower League Management too harsh? I've been unknowingly playing along those lines in a...
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    Capital Punishment or not?

    With Raoul Moat being in the news, it made me think about Britain's current system for punishing criminals. I'm just interested to see people's views on capital punishment, and whether it should be introduced. So feel free to debate the advantages and disadvantages of the death penalty, and...