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    How can I edit the Champions League finances?

    I wish to improve the amount of money given out in the early qualifying stages to make the clubs in these stages more competitive. I'm hoping the extra money can allow them to reach further into the competition. I can't find where I make such changes though. Any help apprectiated
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    How do poeple play through the game so quickly?

    I've been reading stories and people are playing through whole seasons in a matter of 2 or 3 days in real life. It takes me an age to play through a season. Do most people not watch the matches or something? I can normally get through around a month of matches (~4-6 matches) in around 2-3 hours...
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    Is it possible to change the start date of the game?

    As the title suggests I'm wondering if it's possible to bring the start date of the game forward to this year. EG. So in the "Start game in" selection box England is the 7th July 2013 rather than 7th July 2012. Thanks for any responses.
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    Contract Issues

    I'm trying to get my players to renew (Managing FC Andorra) their contracts but no matter what I offer them I get the "I couldn't possibly accept those terms" etc response. I've tried maxing out everything, wages, squad status, signing on fee but what ever I do I get the same response. An...
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    International Management

    Just started a career with Italy and found a few of the new (New to me anyway) features. Particually like the bit where you can chat to a player in the squad who gets injured and they're asking whether they are going to get straight back in to the side. I'd like to be able to go to more than one...
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    Do any of you watch other teams games for scouting purposes?

    As the title states do you watch any of the games of other teams or do you leave it upto your scouts to watch other teams and file reports on them?
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    FM12 Databases with FM11 Game

    I'm not strictly sure this should go here (could go in the FM11 section) but I'm coming here in the hope of getting a quicker response. Are there any known issues with using FM12 custom database's/transfer updates with a FM11 copy of the game? Thanks in advance. Edit: Worked out you can by...
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    Zoran Tosic to Aston Villa (Ingame)

    Would this be a good deal, would he fit in well ect. Thanks in advance.
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    Manchester United Admin and Takeover

    Has anyone else had this? (Game date- Oct 2010)
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    Huddersfield Town (League 1) - ST

    Anyone i try to buy rejects me. Has anybody got a suggestion on who to buy?