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Recent content by phallus

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    My Gloucester save

    I decided to challenge myself again with FM2012. I chose Gloucester (because of the 7k stadium!) but this time I selected to not have real players, so all random and fake names. I got a less crappy *** man as his stats are: Mental - 10,12,8,8,10,2,11,9 Coaching - 1,7,7,6,7,6,8,10,9 So he only...
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    BSS/BSN Staff

    Post the best BSS/BSN/BSP staff here! If we can get a short list going, it may help others :)
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    Lower League Forum?

    Hey guys, Will there be a lower league forum setup with sub-forums to reflect not only English leagues, but other leagues as well? While I myself fancy playing BSS/BSN, another may fancy Italian lower leagues or French lower leagues. Lower League Managers <- has no sub-forums for other...
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    Good *** Man for BSN/BSS?

    I've given the demo a go, and while it has a few things that need ironing (the match camera when set to elevated spazzes out when it hits the edges like on goal kicks, corners, etc.), it seems pretty nice especially with the new information available on screen. I love playing BSN/BSS teams (as...
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    Lower League Finances

    I took my Lewes save game that was collecting dust for nearly a year to L2 in about 3 seasons. My finances are very healthy, I've gotten some really good deals and I've used one or two youth products in my team. I've scheduled pre-season matches with bigger team reserve's since I started and...
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    More difficult LLM Challenge

    Hey guys: So I've already gone pretty far with AFC Telford, being promoted nearly every season. It got a bit easy. I'm looking for a much more difficult challenge. Do you know the most obscure BSS/BSN team that has barely any renown/fame (sorry, I forgot the other word, English isn't my...
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    Youth Academy & Recruitment

    Hey guys, I have a question regarding youth academies, recruitment and development. I know one can't expect to pull all their players from the youth ranks, but is FM2011 similar to 2010 in that one youth every so often turns out 3+ stars? When playing FIFA manager (yes, yes, I've heard it...
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    AFC Telford LLM Challenge

    Hey mates, how goes it? Decided to give LLM a whirl for FM11. Loved doing it for FM10. Trying to follow the LLM guidelines. I have the following Leagues setup: England (all) France (all) Germany (all) Italy (all) Holland (all) Started with AFC Telford because a.) they have a big stadium...