Feb 22, 2010
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Hey guys,

I have a question regarding youth academies, recruitment and development. I know one can't expect to pull all their players from the youth ranks, but is FM2011 similar to 2010 in that one youth every so often turns out 3+ stars?

When playing FIFA manager (yes, yes, I've heard it all, but I still like it), I pull about 3-5 youths every year that turn out to be some of my key players later on or great sells to fund future projects (playing as Worcester, got into League 2 pretty quickly, seemed to have stagnated after that)

In real life, there should be a 'decent' return on youth academies (i.e. more than one every other year like in 2010). I know it also depends on coaches, facilities, but shouldn't it also depend on the league? I know I'm not going to produce the next Schmeichel or Pele with AFC Telford anytime soon, but ideally just a few 3+ star guys would do me fine.

Or just poach younglings?
To put it this way, I'm in season 7 with Celtic. I haven't pulled out one 3 star PA player. It's always been 2 or 2 1/2. Ir's pretty annoying to know you can't get any stars coming out of your academy.
rarely find them in my academy
i usually scout the world for regens every season to fill my u 18's
My academy in my lost Atletico Madrid save produced a 4 star regen right after the end of the first season. I guess its all about luck, but your chances are definitely increased by better youth recruitment.
Depends on your youth academies, recruitment and facilities. i guess...
If you play with arsenal they have great youths coming out nearly every year.. and i see it as they have great recruitment scouts in the local area.. so they will find more and more better youth as there level of football is at its highest level.

The email you get during pre-season (clubs new intake on youth players) they all come from the local area.. maybe a bigger delevoped city like london. could mean high chance of finding future stars??

What do u think?
Its fairly realistic as recently most clubs dont develop many of their own players.
Barcelona being the exception.
I dont find the star ratings that accurate as i had a player in my blackpool save with 2 star pa, I kept him and tutoured him and after 4 years he was in the england team and top scorers in the premiership.
Dont rely on the scout reports mate.
yep thats right.. if you play a youth more then expected, he will turn out to become better then expected..
but i ment in general.. when you see a potential 4 star 18 year old.. then look at his stats.
it isnt full of 5-6's.. its fairly true.. but he will only be that 4 star player with the perfect training and playing games and a high level.

Regarding the scout reports, my *** man has 17/18 on judge actual/potential rating. The 2.5 16 year old I got from my academy at preseason was the only decent crop, all others are 1/2 stars. I've poached a few 16-17 year olds on frees and have them in my youth team, but I would really love to be like Arsenal/Barca where they have a conveyor belt of replacements coming through.

Yeah, regarding the size of the city, I do believe that might be a factor of sorts. A bit silly to think that living out in the middle of nowhere will bring in more youths than a major metropolis. It would be great to have the ability to get youth camps bought/built/setup in FM2011...

Thanks for the input mates, much obliged.
same here i am liverpool i get **** youths so i jus do a world tour and get any good under 18s players form across da world
I'm playing Hajduk-Split in Croatian First Leauge ...I'm in 11 seasone ..Federico Mached , Miguel Velso and Robert Melis are my key players ..but from my academy every year comes like 2-3 players that are good , i sold Darko Pavjanic to Arsenal for 13M ... u just need to make board request for youth academy to get strogner..mine academy is Art of Youth Academy (something like that , forgeted the name) ...
I've managed to get my Blyth team into the Championship and just started improving the youth recruitment network and training facilities, though the best we've got so far was a 2.5 star striker in the current season.

I do remember a couple of my players in previous years with 2.5-3* potential, though as we moved up the league and acquired better players they're no longer good prospects so move down to 0.5-1* :-(
My youth squad is shocking, I just scout the rest of Europe for youth
my woking team is only in league 2 but i put all my money into the youth system and most of my first team is made up of homegrown talent. i tend to ignore the coach reports and simply keep any youth players with promising stats
Dont forget that your coach reports may be inaccurate if your staff arent up to scratch.

As in every FM game though not all poorly rated players are like that, Ive always had average players who play well and get high ratings!
scout brazil argentina and spain and set the instructions to maximum age of 19
That would probably work once I get into league 2 or 1, but right now at BSP I am stuck with British Isles and France...

Will start poaching prem league younglings, see if they like my pimp team :p
With Arsenal I got two 3.5 star youths from my academy at the end of the first season and then another one at the end of the second...