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Recent content by phil06

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    Fulham's Phillippe Senderos injured

    New Fulham signing, Phillipe Senderos ruptured an Achilles tendon and is likely to miss most of the season. http://www.fulham-mad.co.uk/news/tmnw/senderos_could_miss_most_of_season_545236/index.shtml (also confirmed on several other sites) Looks like Fulham will need to invest in a new...
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    Fulham Story - an attempt at making them a strong force in the league and europe

    This is the first attempt i have at a story, i realize that the forum has been flooded with stories lately, but gonna give it a shot anyway. I´ll try to update it regularly. Hopefully it´ll be enjoyable to read. So here goes J. Roy Hodgson decided to resign from English Premier League club...
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    unlucky match outcome

    couldn´t find anything related so far, so i opened up a new thread... basically wondering what the unluckiest game outcome was people had to deal with. Not so much the final result, but the limitations of the squad due to injuries/sending offs in a single match. One that happened recently with...
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    another new face on the forum

    hi everyone, I´m Filipe or Phil if you prefer (used to be called that by the british lads by now :P). Been playing CM since around 2000 swapped to FM a few years later and never went back ^^). After browsing this forum for a fairly long time as "visitor, I finally decided to register to...