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    Getting the most out of Advanced Playmaker (Coutinho)

    I'm having some difficulty getting the most out of my CM playmaker, Coutinho. Hoping someone may be able to help! I had some initial success with him as a CM-A as that role gets him into the box frequently but his best attributes (dribbling & vision) are almost completely wasted in that role as...
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    What to do with this guy?

    Incredible potential, great personality & developing fast but a 5ft9 CB with a jumping stat of 3 is not going to cut it for me. Stamina, dribbling& crossing aren't really good enough for him to make a FB & I like my ball-winning-mid to be good at winning balls in the air as it's incredibly...
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    Work Permits - Chinese Youth

    I've scouted this incredible young talent from China but there's no way he gets a work permit at the moment (age 17) & I really want to pick him up before clubs start asking 50m+ for him! It'd also really help my merchandising to get a Chinese player which would help me compete with the insane...
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    Contract Renewals For Developing Players

    Seems like there is a bit of a gamble with contract renewals for promising players as they enter their 18-20s. Leave it too late and their demands can jump from 70kpw to 150kpw, decimating your wage structure. Do it too early and you're paying out the higher wages earlier & they may still...
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    Amazing Regen, rubbish positional ability

    I've picked up this incredible Regen with definite world-beater potential but he's ML only and left-footed which really doesn't fit well with my tactic which uses very narrow inside forwards playing on the opposite side to their weaker foot. He's also an incredible crosser but average finisher...
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    Inside Forwards & Two-Footedness

    I've been watching a few of my games in 'extended' playback recently to see if there are any tactical tweaks I could make. I've noticed that my inside forwards do still end up using their weaker foot surprisingly often. I'd say about 30% of their final balls (either passes, little crosses or...