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Recent content by richo1007

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    Injuries while on Loan

    Seems to me like the likelihood and proportion of serious injuries when you send a player on loan is greater than if they remained at your club. I am sick of seeing my young players go on loan and then getting a serious injury disrupting their development. Seems too happen way to often. Have...
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    Apparently he is a beast of a young player on fm 2011 but im yet to see any of this so far. Scored about 5 goals in 3 seasons. Really struggling to get him going. Whats his best position? What kind of striker is best to play him with? I currently play Dzeko as target man and then kadlec as a...
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    Winning Streak

    Has anyone ever gone the whole season, and won every single game? Without cheating and i consider using other peoples tactics and training schedules as cheating( Make your own up!) Ive managed 34 wins and 4 draws before but never the whole 38 wins
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    Auto Switching of Screens During Matches

    During a match i like to just view the 3d match screen but for some reason FM decides that it should have to keep switching between 3d view and the match information page. This is particularly frustrating when im trying to change a tactic or instruction as it will just change onto the info...