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    Striker always having goals disallowed for being offside?

    Don't know if anyone else has experienced the same, but i currently have one striker with my Wrexham team (Jake Cassidy) who has had more goals disallowed for being offside than he has scored....does he need positioning training? is it role based (played as advanced forward)? Any tips to keep...
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    Rugby League World Cup

    Anyone following or been to any games? England's halves are going to let us down once again!
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    Crash issues in Sept 2014

    Having played a full season, and started my second i am now facing crash issues. Ive followed the instructions in the community forum but they have not made a difference. Game crashes randomly, few examples, in game, when processing or trying to change a players position. Any ideas..Below is...
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    Radio Show

    So yeh this year me and my friend have got a slot on our students union radio Sunday nights 11-12 playin indie, rock, metal, electro, hardstyle, well pretty much anythink we like. Tune in at 107.5 FM in Leicestershire or online at www.lush-radio.co.uk, I think and if u wana join the facebook...
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    Anyone else seen this??? i thought it was really good film, but left so many questions unanswered...... apparently there is going to be a sequel :)
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    Does anyone have invites?

    My brother and couple of aquaintances would like invites if anyone has any???
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    Fa Cup 3rd Round draw

    Preston v Scunthorpe Port Vale/Chasetown v Cardiff Colchester v Peterborough Bolton v Sheffield United Blackburn v Coventry Brighton v Mansfield Northampton/Walsall v Millwall Charlton v West Brom Watford v Crystal Palaec Luton/Nottingham Forestv Liverpool Plymouth v Hull Aston Villa v...
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    Favourite Worst Nightmare

    Wt a return. Nt as gd as first album bt very impressed, Apart from Only Ones Who Know i like alot
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    Connecting Song Titles.

    A simple game to Kill boredom. In one post i say : Panic! at the disco - But it's better if you do and you reply by saying: Maximo Park - Kiss You Bettter you can match any word in the song title but u cant match the artists unless you get a one word song title or a difficult one to match...
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Butterflies And Hurricanes - Muse 4 Posts per day maximum.
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    07 albums u r looking 4ward to.

    Klaxons, The View, Bloc Party, Thirteen Senses. Kaiser Chiefs new album shud be out next year 2.
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    Ashes 06-07

    Does anyone care? I do we r guna win 3-2 lol. or lose 4-1. undecided Defo guna miss Simon Jones most out of absentees. Vaughne is astute captain but Bell, Collingwood and Cook have all proved they are gd enough to replace him, and trescothick. Whereas none of the bowlers have proved they...
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    Touchline Ban

    They Said it could happen
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    FA Cup 1st Round

    Yeah!!! Wrexham have succesfully made it through, Please draw us Chester at home this afternoon. Congratulations to Basingstoke.