Ashes 06-07


Feb 1, 2006
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Does anyone care?

I do we r guna win 3-2 lol. or lose 4-1. undecided

Defo guna miss Simon Jones most out of absentees. Vaughne is astute captain but Bell, Collingwood and Cook have all proved they are gd enough to replace him, and trescothick. Whereas none of the bowlers have proved they can fill in for Simon Jones. If Monty plays improvement in spin options, Giles is ****, bt is beta batter.
yeah some people do, and if you don't then there's no need to post in this thread.

If everyone plays well for England then they might retain, but after the Icc i was sayin 5-0 to Oz,but now I'll say 3-1
Im thinkin as i don't have sky, wtch highlights on bbc2.
I jump on the Ashes bandwagon, but we will get hammered :D
Im looking forward to them and quite optimistic that we'll win, you never know thought when it comes to England.
Im thinkin as i don't have sky, wtch highlights on bbc2.

Is it not being shown on Channel 4 again? Or have Sky Sports got exclusive live showing?
SkySports exclusive live, 11pm at night till about 6am.
Cricket is as bad a sport as snooker very dull and zzzzzzzzzzzz
Ain't got BBC2 :D

And Kris, Cricket & Snooker >>>> SPL football.
Wel not a brilliant first day.

I saw first 20 overs, and felt Harmison and Anderson bowled particularly poorly.

I don't know how Giles bowled but i just cant understand what more Monty Pasenar could of done to claim start. He is a far better bowler than Giles.

Lets hope it picks up tomorrow.
Giles took a wicket and didn't concede too many by the looks of things...Flintoff did well...England got raped overall though
wat do u reckon we will bowl em out or they will declare?

i think we will only get 3/4 more wickets and then they will declare
I did an all nighter, listening to radio and playing FM, sounded bad.

Going to get my hands on a live stream tnite, so may do the same !
If dey still aussies still in wit hour left 2nite they will prob declare then.

Walkabout again i fink it is.
Ive bin up all night with the radio again. 592-9 now...AUS 1 - 0 ENG