07 albums u r looking 4ward to.


Feb 1, 2006
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Klaxons, The View, Bloc Party, Thirteen Senses.

Kaiser Chiefs new album shud be out next year 2.
The Blizzards second album, the Pigeon Detectives and I'll probably get the Kaiser's second album too.
Radiohead most of all, and im quite looking forward to The View and Bloc Party.

Hopefully IB might bring out an album, havent heard anything about it in ahwile though :(
apparently Metallica are in the studio, so if they bring a new one out, I'll **** everywhere.

Apart from that, duno really, might get KC's second album aswell
last time everyone jizzed over metallica in the studio, they brought out St Anger....
Editors r in studio as well, heard new song by them at V which was gd.
last time everyone jizzed over metallica in the studio, they brought out St Anger....

point being? :p

i liked it, even though it was completely different...which was to be expected considerin they half broke-up and Hetfield went into rehab
well new babyshambles EP is out in decemeber, even tho that aint 2007...but am lookin forward to it anyways will be good!!

yeh if editors have a new one that will be class as will bloc party's!!
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Bloc Party albums been leaked, listening to it atm, havent read good things about it :(
wer u get it from greg, hav been looking 4 it
yeah it would. where did you get it from? PLEASE?
well, have found a link to dl it from. not sure if im allowed to share it, so PM me if you want a copy, or if i get permission from sean, ill post it so everyone can dl.
O well cudnt get it from the link, it stopped at 18%

Am loving the Prayer thoughg. Lookin forward to seeing them in Feb.

New Rakes and Arcade Fire albums two, 07 is hopefully goin 2 be just as good a year as 06
i had it , loved the 1st album , saw them live

2nd - wasnt too impressed with - couple of ok tracks

just went back to the first album

ill give it another listen some other time
Little Man Tate.

And if Brendon Urie is telling the truth the new Panic! installment.
Snort. Brendon Urie is hardly gonna say "Yeah, our new record sucks." Even though he'd be telling the truth.
No i meant truth that they will have new album out this year