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    Head Of Youth Development: who would you pick?

    Hi In FM20, who would you pick between these 2 Head Of Youth Development? A: B:
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    FM20: Frustration and Rage Thread

    So many things are awful in that game. And I don't need to test FM21 to know it's the same. After a few years, there are twice less promising youngsters. Clubs ask for insane amounts of money (a player worth 40k, they'll ask 120M). Any 18-year-old wants a minimum of 200k/month. So it's a game...
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    Are you excited for FM21?

    Not at all. It will be exactly like the past, what? 6 years? Same game, same bugs, same unfinished game waiting for the march/april patch.
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    Braga first season

    I played with Braga in FM19 and it's impossible to have good youngsters from Porto, Sporting, Benfica. To them you're nothing. Best to do is to go in south america, Colombia notably
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    How to get better regens from a country?

    Hi I'm doing a San Marino challenge anf I'm starting to think it's just a waste of time. I never get decent regens from San Marino. The club San Marino, which I'm of course managing, has top notch facilities, youth recruitment, staff. Yet the best I get is 2 stars potential, and even that is...
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    Invest in another league

    Hi I'm doing the San Marino challenge and I'd like the San marino league (downloaded) to improve. So I want to invest in it. How can I do that? The obvious idea I have is to give them money through some transfers. But it's a bit far fetched to think that they will do anything with it...
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    FM20: Funny and Random Thread

    I have a player who has been 12 out of 23 times player of the week in Serie A. He isn't even playing well, he isn't in team of the week, but yet another glitch puts him player of the week every time
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    Creating players: respecting attributes from the editor

    Hi A question: I created players in the editor but the attributes aren't exactly the same as set in the editor. Like, a 20 can become a 17, or a 18. Is there a way to have those attributes fixed at the start of the save? Thanks
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    Loading specific players

    Hi If I create players in the editor, all of them being in different countries and different division, and want to make sure they are loading in my save, without loading 100k players or 10 leagues, is there a way? I remember in old Championship Managers (or FM maybe), you could make files to...
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    FM20.4(4-1-1-3-1)@[email protected]

    Now I'm waiting for a new version, so it will be Diablo V2, and... well, old school players will understand
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    FM20: Who Should I Manage?

    Do you have good challenges ideas? And by challenges, I don't mean a team, but a way of playing. Like the "Youth to Gold) (can only buy teenagers, can't play 30+yo), or sporting director,...
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    Chinese Players

    I went a bit in China and players aren't good, and they are SUPER expensive. That's hard over there
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    Overpowered Tactic?

    I feel like cheat tactic are more or less back in FM20, after like 15 years of not existing
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    How do I get my reserve and U19 to enter a league?

    I'm really losing patience with this game. SI is really milking us with minimum effort
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    How do I get my reserve and U19 to enter a league?

    Hi I started in France's 5th division, now I'm in Ligue 1, I'm starting my third season at that level. But neither my reserve or my U19 have matches in a league. How do I get them to enter a league?! Is it a reputation thing? Do I have to ask for it somewhere? Do I need to do anything special...